JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.1 PERFORMANCE REVIEW: The pizza of basketball shoes

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 is a nice basketball shoe that totally changes what you think about hooping, doing certain moves, and 1000 other things.
After Playing in the Why Not Zer0.1 for a couple of weeks I here is my Why Not Zer0.1 performance review. Find out why Ive dubbed this shoe the pizza of basketball shoes.


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Syrafuse says:

Dope shoe, dope content!

Ruxs says:

Nice entertainment bro favorite reviewer

Darien 09 says:

Kyrie 4 or westbrooks

Aiden Suh says:

1:20 seconds did the ref really call a FOUL?

Jarrod Castillo says:

Seeing everyone rave about these makes me really regret copping the Curry 4’s instead lmao.

Decal03 says:

Bro you hoopin against my peers they got high cholesterol. I see you though.

Kudos Shoes says:


jay ocampo says:

Hi another pair!! May I ask if this pair will break in it’s fit nicely when played on the court? I bought mine today and upon my first try on, they are very snug that worries me in pinching my feet. Thanks bro!!!

Lgr Srj says:

You need voice clarity. CLARITY

King Dean says:


Marky Revilla says:

Copped the 2way colorway and its damn nice! Hope you can make a review of that. I enjoyed your video bro. Subscribed!

Mc6 Kickz says:

Enjoyed the review while eating donuts and drinking kool aid. Dope review bruh!

Nikos Giannikas says:

Great video bruh! One like is not enough ! I have a question though… Westbrook’s or hyperdunk Flyknit 2017?!

deviant2delinquent says:

That phonecall had me dying! Nice review bro have to get me a pair now!

Da Avant Miranda says:

So, the back of the shoe don’t feel heavy at all?

GioTypeStuff says:

What is the best Outdoor hoop shoe, That is easy to get as well because I can’t get anta or any of those brands because I can’t find them in real life.

Zoe Sh says:

# 1?Performer of the year right now??

Thistlebee says:

Can’t believe Russ hung up on you…. funny stuff

Little Warrior says:

bro you crazy!

BlackBoiMustafa says:

By far my favourite reviewer entertainment is on another level! keep it up bro

Flyh_ 2k says:

This or the kyrie 4?

JUSTBEYOU22984 says:

That ref is horrible, how he call a foul at 1:18

Ko8e24 says:

I’ve been waiting since April for the Kobe A.D. NXT and I think I’m going to give up…

mrolliepoper says:


Darien 09 says:

You should do VS videos agianst shoes

bsswsk says:

Make another performance review of these but with the solid rubber options! I aint trusting translucent ever again

WWE and NBA fan says:

0:00 to 0:34 so funny
also awesome video I just subed and your videos are so funny and cool

Phantom 23 says:

Is it better or worse than the 32

7 Steele says:

Try’s to play off that steal hahah *fouls called* dope vid tho

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