Kroger 3 Minute Microwave Pizza: Is It Worth A $1? | Retail Archaeology 2

I saw this cheap microwave pizza for only a dollar at Fry’s and had try it out of morbid curiosity.

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Fat Samurai Productions says:

If you want a good microwave Pizza get Screamin Sicilian or DiGiorno, those two can’t be beat.

Adam Porter says:

I’ve tried these from Smiths. They’re truly terrible. Now I always at least spend the three dollars for DiGiorno.

Craig Spurlock says:

Is it worse than Celeste?

Giles Smith says:

Mmmm, cheap and filling lol! I’ve had plenty of these younger they filled up that late night appetite lol!

vortmax1981 says:

I get those all the time and it’s ABSOLUTELY worth a dollar. Not much more though. To me they’re about the same as the Totino’s party pizzas. And yeah, definitely reminiscent of school cafeteria rectangle pizzas.

Power Bemine says:

Totino’s Pizza. Crispier crust. Much better.

AGreedyTree says:

The Totinos pizzas are pretty good. I like the supreme ones and I cook them in the toaster oven. I usually eat them as a lunch or snack.

Herbert N says:

I would totally eat that. I’m not picky.

4knewmusic says:

How much trans fat?

Wesley Alth says:

But it is still technically pizza

Coleman Morrow says:

Not gonna lie I eat these while watching your vids

jair romero says:

Great video, always a treat. But for vids like this…might be worth investing into a tripod and free up that other hand?

DogManKidYT says:

It looks like my school pizza wat

avrgboy says:

add some pineapple.

Lock says:

Is this the wolfpit?

Robert Gloversville says:

The worst pizza I ever had was like this cracker with catch up on it, that place shut down pretty quick.

some one says:

This was hilarious. The elevator music was perfect! I used to LOVE the school pizzas (for me it was high school) usually on Fridays. Always made me so happy when I saw it was pizza day. It was usually the only meal of the day for me. Thank goodness for school lunches.

Yan Ling Ян Линг says:

Couple of those in he toaster oven, a 2 liter of cola and a snickers bar and a bag of funyuns. College dinner.

MidAtlanticGal says:

I used to eat those cheap pizzas quite a bit. Now I spend a few more bucks and buy the Viruosos and cook them in the air fryer, and they’re pretty good.

shwink says:

It’s an even cheaper version of mama Celeste mini pizzas. I didn’t even know that was possible considering those are barely more than a $1.

LunarEclipse says:

i work in a kroger store haha

Daniel garcia says:

the pizza look gross should have got papa johns.

9ElevenGamer says:

I just bung some extras on and they usually work out okay!

Lepus Rabbit says:

Looks ok

Sarah R says:

I had one of these the other day!! The crust got so dry some of it was inedible

William Baker says:

Elementary school cafeteria pizza=best pizza.
So many memories from the 80s

“It’s stuck why can’t I get it off with one hand…..its not something I’m doing wrong”

Yorman Ortiz says:

Its probably not even supposed to go in the microwave its just advertised like that. You should try putting it in the oven and see how it taste but i doubt itll taste better

C.H. Delivery says:

“A dollar? No way these are any good… Let’s get one.” LOL my hero!

BLueSun says:

Home run inn pizza is similar and good imo

The little bastard says:

Supermarket music is a nice touch lol

Jeff W says:

Man these were a main stay of my diet for college. They are better if you throw some more cheese on it. Still pretty gross though but passable.

Mindy Swords says:

Wow. Something I eat and enjoy all the time and you’re acting like it’s some weird nasty foreign alien food. To each their own but I’m not too good to enjoy some cheap food.

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