Let’s Pizza is the only machine in the world that can prepare the best Italian pizza from scratch in 3 minutes.
For more information visit http://www.smart4retail.com/letspizza


Big Smoke says:

Why you didn’t fill up the center!

Seth Johnson says:

Let’s get food born illness! Yeah!

Colby Baker says:

was it just me or was it a bunch of yall as soon as i was done watching this video i searched up if there were any of them in my local area

Dracken Darck says:

It is a nice Idea but I would prefer a fresh pizza or a frozen one to make it self at home.

3nan Game says:

how im buy this??

Marvelous says:

Ew gross this is basically eating someone’s shit

SaveNoah says:

Yeah, right, that’s the gimmick. This place, they don’t cut the pizza, and they pass the savings on to you. It’s democratic. You gotta figure, you make, like, 10 million pizzas a year, each pizza takes, like, 10 seconds to cut? In man hours, that’s like, I don’t know … a lot?

TheUnholyHandGrenade says:


-Sincerely, a Pizza Addict.

Riptide99 says:

Can’t be worse than Little Caesars.

Ml Hazan says:

Please make a robot to clean this machine too. Now ppl has no time to think. no time for humanity. Nothing left for their parents. Yet they have enough time for Facebook, Instagram etc. We are approaching to a whole new world. Instead of this type of invention we can have small food court here and there.

cameron harper says:

Quality must be shit

Gobbersmack says:

A dollar? How does this thing make a profit?

Glendale Walter says:

How about a organic vegan option?

BirdVids 380 says:

This is actually being transported to America

You still looking says:

this is creepy…… i am still interested thow.

Любомир Враголомски says:

часта която правят тестото ала нищо не видях

멜론 멜론 says:

Is it real?

Guy Piper says:

WHEN will we stop insulting ourselves by embracing the idea that all the food we love must be delivered to our mouths as quickly and conveniently as possible with little to no regard for quality? Have we no longer any respect for human tradition? Have we agreed to usurp a unique practice shared by every civilization? Should we abandon a custom that has, no doubt, helped to characterize every culture throughout history? Can we truly appreciate our creations when they barely reflect the original intent?

Is this really progress?

In the future they will have automated human sustenance dispensers for the kind of people who subscribe to this idea. Such people will have gastral access ports surgically implanted so that they can quickly and effortlessly connect to the dispensers which will pump a nutrified sludge directly into those busy movers and shakers. That’s right! They’ll never again have to worry about laboring through that tedious task of traditional cooking and dining.

SwollenRhino says:

you can track your sales online , control it , ! My friend showed me how he manages his Lets Pizza & he changed the settings to give free pizza to the 1st 5 people. Great if you want to make money

gündüz mehmet says:

how much that ???

Cosmic Luna says:

The website expired on 9/1/2016

Violet Duh says:


Egg Plant says:

jesse pinkman?

Attizzoso Dissaldato says:

shitty pizza is ready

TheKaukas says:

yeah i have seen one of these in university, but they bankrupted after 2 year and removed it.
That pizza was not bad compared to lines at cafeteria.

Tofu - P says:



Donde la venden

Nicolas Menchaca says:

Let’s Pizza this, Lets Pizza that

Matteo Frigerio says:

Cone rovinare la cultura Italiana in un click! Wow bel macchinario

Joseph cavagnaro says:

I wish they made onion pizzas

Cringe face says:


Nerdz Morales says:

wow request in the phillipines

Paintball SKILLZ says:

Lol I’d pay for it to be in my school

Matt W says:

College students would love this thing. I really want to try it myself to be honest.

Jonathan Molina says:

The pizza dough requires yeast. When does the yeast have the time for the fermentation process? I owned a pizzeria and this machines are BS. Pizza making process takes time. Also, a pizza takes like 10 minutes to fully cook in 450F° and the video said under 3 minutes. In order for it to be done in 3 minutes the oven has to heat about 1,300 – 1,500 F°. And don’t get me started on the cheese and sauce quality.

marsel egan says:

I wish this was in my country

Someone Clever says:

0:45 High Capacity? The oven only needs to be big enough for the pizzas it will be baking

stackfl0w says:

yea 3 min, and only 380 degrees? you are not getting any kind of pizza dough that is going to be anywhere near half decent. that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use the shit out of a machine like this regardless though haha

James Strength says:

I can see bugs getting into the machine soo easily there’s no way I would ever buy a pizza from a machine !!!

slymer 51 says:

Ommidio che cazzo questa roba

Dustin Ramos says:

Are we playing god

Fat808 says:

Did you see the topping!?!?!? it was just a fucking sheet of cheese with pepperoni…that’s fucking gross!!!

Attizzoso Dissaldato says:

dont worry guys: site is down. this means that they bankrupt. our stomach is safe

Vysair says:

This what I call Future

uthman ahmed says:

How mutch ?

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