LGR – The Red Baron II Pizza Coupon Adventure!

Using a coupon from a 17-year-old PC game to buy a pizza. Yes, that’s right. Found a coupon in a copy of Sierra’s Red Baron 2 from 1997, and I attempt to redeem it in 2014!

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The music is from the game as well as PASSPORT.MID from Windows 95.


Thomas Pleacher says:

This episode made me hungry.

Levi Guiney says:

wow… that is the exact same oven that we have in our apartment… lol. Also, I probably enjoyed this video a bit more than I should… :3

bwilliamswyn25 says:

Red Baron = stoners pizza unite lol

Cal Garian says:

That food lion cashier was cute!

Volda Trom says:

What type of car do u have? Random question but I’m interested to know

Lane's World says:

That guys reaction made my day! well, your making this video made my day!

zlocish says:

Frozen pizza is disgusting

Nate Yager says:

Classic pepperoni, my type of dude! LOL “That coupon is 17 years old” LOL

Marije Hammel says:

Delhaize is called Food Lion in the US????

Vorlitra says:

I was wondering why there was a pizza box in the backround

kabalu says:


Bren Tenkage says:

I’m eating a Red Barron personal Pizza while I’m watching this, Groovy

topo84 says:

No joke in a boxed copy of the Terminator my friend has, the 1990 Bethesda one, there’s a random 90’s Pizza Hut coupon. I don’t think it was infinitely usable though.

Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 says:

Dude that guy behind you in line is a fucking treasure. His genuine amusement seriously made my night.

SpicyDragonWings says:

3:21 the face of a mind blown

Mode 7 FPV says:

This video is so positive and makes me really happy 🙂

Silver Adventures says:

is it just me but food lions mascot looks like a griffen.

Patricia Carmichael says:

Lol you are great.

PigLand02 says:

Nice Car.

JD Harding says:

I usually rub a little olive oil on the crust before baking it. It adds a little crispiness and flavor.

Joe6168 says:

Well that was a fun little adventure. : )

. . . I’ma go make a pizza now.

the angry australian says:

can u give the blue shirt man a spin off channel

Matthew Neathery says:

damn coupon 2 years older than ME love the reaction of the guy in the line

StageMechanic Game Engine says:

You need to track down that guy behind you in line and offer him as job as your sidekick!

schnibie1991 says:

Do the cashier have to stay all day long?

thesmashtvnetwork says:

did not know a game company made pizza do they still make games

Jack Ruttan says:

I’m halfway through the vid, and that was awesome. Delighted that you found that. America.

The Drab Pioneer says:

Didn’t Red Baron pizza have a promotional flight sim in the pizza box at one point?

Sam von Kleist says:

keep it in the freezer until the oven is ready next time,I take my frozen pizza very seriously.

Bastien Anselme says:

Food Lion is part of Delhaize group, a belgian supermarket.

Anal0Avenger says:

You gave me craving for pizza! Damn you! MIght also be a bit of hangover but…..

Patryk Wieczorek says:

You literally made that guy’s day!

Wrath Wolfnight says:

Lazy Game Reviews, did you make a copy of that coupon???

TheBeteljuice says:

I want to go on a dream date (Thrift expedition) with Internets Clint!

kato223 says:

Was that your check engine light on? 😉

Nikita Thomas says:

i want pizza now 😀

Spider Mcgavenport says:

My favorite frozen pizza is Red Baron at least it wasn’t a 17 year old frozen Red Baron pizza…

Señor Fredericksen says:

i love how you use 90s microsoft midis as backgrounf

awelcruiz says:

Do you still have the pizza box?

MNorske says:

Red Baron pizza is like a hot circle of garbage, but this was an entertaining video.

KDingo81 says:

I bet someone from red baron pizza company is celebrating after watching this video “see i told ya the 75c coupon investment pays of one day”.

megaman61293 says:

This is the most wholesome channel on YT

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