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Lex5576 says:

These stores are popping up all over the American south, but the stores they’re building are huge.  The Lidl being built in our hometown in North Carolina is twice the size of our 25 year old Aldi.  It’s to my understanding that Aldi and Lidl are in fierce competition in Europe. Lidl has an uphill fight against Aldi in the US, as Aldi has many hundreds of stores and a well established supply network.

Theecouponcat says:

Lidl is opening/just opened in our area. Thanks for review

Simon says:

I’m in North Carolina, USA. Our first Lidl store opens up on the 15th! I’m looking forward to it. We’ve had Aldi here for around 12 years, or so. I save loads of money shopping there, and the food is good. I hope Lidl brands are just as tasty!

M.F. Kirchner says:

This comparison review was a waste of time. Why not take us inside the stores and show us the REAL differences?

Bill Page says:

Chesappek Virgina by bj store ware house its basically almost done the sign advetising it info gone and guys are spraying down the parking lot road and sign and on the windo top left side covered up of lidle it looks like its going to be opening soon grand opining extc probley advertize on the news on televsion then televsion comercials later on

31Respect says:

Yay!!! Ours is almost finished in greenville sc. Its super huge!!!!!

Welsh Rabbit says:

Jan, I especially enjoyed your video on your drive home. Living and driving in California for the last 35 years, I think I’d now be terrified to drive on UK roads after so long driving on the right. I really admire those who can instantly jump from one traffic system to the other.

T W says:

Lidl is coming to my town as well. While I am happy about that, they have chosen a terrible location. They are in close proximity to 2 Food Lions, an Aldi, Super Walmart, and Target. Our Target sells groceries. Had they literally gone across the tracks there would be no competition.

Hiawanzia Young says:

I work for lidl us and I’m so excited to be a part of lidl

Bill Page says:

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Mark Laurenti says:

Interesting Company.

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