Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Pizza 2019

Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Pizza 2019

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Papascotty327 says:

Great pizza!

Clash says:

That looks amazing.

mike huard says:

nice review as always that pizza look so good!!! 10 all day i definitely have to get one and put it in my pie hole

numbersixwithcheese says:

Bacon-wrapped pizza is the new obsession. Why isn’t everyone doing this?!

Jessie Cook says:

That pizza looks amazing! Believe it or not, I have NEVER had a Little Caesars pizza! ‘Bout time I try one!

Elizabeth Ann says:

You’re funny like Fluffy Guy

daniel lack says:

Screw the low carbs…pizza is great!

The Jack English Project says:

Im only here because I have to be on a diet or my ass will giggle for a year if I eat carbs. Fucking sucks!

Joey's #1 Muchacho says:

That’s got to be the most unhealthy pizza ever imagined but I’m sure it was good! WOO WOO WOO WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Betty Murphy Grumpus says:

Has bacon so it’s keto

Justin McCulley says:

Sweet love pizza reviews.

Fardous says:

Looks super good. I remember when this pizza was out 2015/2016

Teddy Beard says:

For a guy on a low carb diet you cheat an awful lot

Dino Bot says:

Big Daddy what’s your most favoritist pizza place ever?

Wolverine7777 says:

_now im hungry_

Justin McCulley says:

Hey Ken domik has steering wheel trays.

Michelle Baker says:

you can still eat it lower carb. just dont eat the crust. I do it that way and love little Cesar’s

Bobby Biggzz says:

I want this for breakfast.

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Happy it’s back. Really enjoyed the first time round. I wanna imagine that the second deep in deep deep dish is referring to the introspective nature of the pizza. Like it understands the mechanics of the universe and sh*t.

Myster E says:

Do their S’mores dessert next

5 Dollar Comedy says:

That look on your face says it all. Sold!

Freddie Foodie King says:

That pizza was amazing the first time i had it

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