Little Caesars Pizza: Is The $5 Lunch Combo Worth It? | Retail Archaeology 2

A quick look at a Little Caesars and a review of their $5 lunch combo.

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ibtaba says:

Stop messing around and get back to dying and dead malls 🙂

Joey Baseball says:

Little Caesars is great. The food is terrible for you, health-wise. But you’ve already acknowledged that in the video, and you’ve accepted that fact. But the taste, for the price, is incredible. Absolutely delicious pizza. However, the grease is for the cooking, not the eating. You have to take a paper towel, and wipe off that grease.

Midwest Retail says:

The only times I’ve even got the $5 Lunch Combo was when to the Kmart in Norridge, Illinois which had a Little Caesars. It is well worth it but it’s sadly only available during lunch, it would be a nice dinner option. I don’t think I’ll get it again unless I’m extremely lucky since that’s the only times I got Little Caesars during lunch and that Kmart store is now closed with the Little Caesars.

Chris Longbeard says:

I’m in southern New York, so no need for imitation pizza. We still have it but when I can get scratch made, awesome, tasty slices for 2 bucks each no comparison.

Mda87 says:

Book it! I remember that I got to leave school with two other kids and a limousine took us to Pizza Hut we had that Bigfoot pizza

904 CZV says:

I like their deep dish pizza!
Other than that, their other pizzas suck lol

Mrtfarrugia says:

Go crazy bread next time.

Mike's Explorations says:

Greasy is right! Thier deep dish is the worst, and after it sits awhile, it looks the same a week later. If ya want fast and cheap pizza this is the place for you. If you want quality, go somewhere else.

gmcnewlook says:

That’s a cool Atari joystick keychain 😉

Pink Agaricus says:

I think they’re the only “fast-food” pizza place to make the pizza that style, but what do I know since all we’ve (mom and I) got from Pizza Hut and Dominos were round pizzas.

My favorite part of that deep dish is that “crust” (caramelized cheese) on the edge. I had it out of the Kmart “snack bar” Little Caesars. We got the double one iirc.

Carmen Guzman says:

Yes!!! I was just thinking about how I would appreciate more content like this (though I deeply enjoy your other content as well)!

Ryuko E. Lee says:

I didn’t even know you had a 2nd channel. Also, anytime I ate Little Caesars it was great, until later that night I was sick.

SONNY da CUSE says:


Erika Ayala says:

Living in New Haven, CT I’m surrounded by pizza. Sadly I can’t eat it. But I wonder how the Little Caesar’s can keep up with local pizzerias out here.

Joseph Tafur says:

I remember the pizza hut book it

Tippy Toes says:

Please do Dairy Queen and Taco Bell.  (With the Mexican food in AZ, I wonder how the Taco Bell compares.)

904 CZV says:

Does anyone remember when little Caesars Pizza was square??? Not the deep dish but their regular ones back in the 80s.

Joseph Tafur says:

Pizza portal, the future

Erika Ayala says:

Omg! Book it! I used to love doing those. It was easy for me as a kid being a bookworm lol

Sloppy Turtle says:

“stretchy cheese”? When did that start?
Was this spons’d? They are good. I went there about 4 months ago for similar reason and found I could buy an entire pizza for the $5 that was already made. So I did and got 4 meals out of it.

Pauline Reeves says:

I love their deep dish pizza

Scott Davis says:

This lunch combo is straight 90’s nostalgia for me. Not great food, but it tastes like my childhood.

of course says:

im eating a salad while watching this

NeoTurboManiac says:

The New Yorker in me says no, but that does look tasty. I remember the Book It program when I was a kid.

MSTie Fan says:

When Little Caesars came back in my home state a few years back after they had all disappeared by the late 90s, I went out of my way to go there to re-experience the Crazy Bread. However, I was also curious if they still carried this one particular thing I remember Little Caesars used to have when I was a kid.
A dessert known as Chocolate Ravioli. It was white chocolate shaped like ravioli with dark chocolate as the filling. They were so good.
So I looked at the menu, but didn’t see them listed and proceeded to ask the employee about them. I got the biggest blank look from him. Obviously he’d never even heard of it.
Saddened, I just placed an order for Crazy Bread and left. At least the Crazy Bread is still really good.

PC’s Extra Videos says:

My wife and I are loooooving these new review videos!!!

Chris Strader says:

Little ceaser $5 lunch isn’t bad but yeah super greasy as heck I enjoy these little food reviews keep doing them

kh22912 says:

not really a fan of deep dish but $5 is a good deal

DerAlmighty says:

Know what I miss? Their pretzel pizza. Pretzel crust with cheese sauce and shredded mozzarella and muenster with pepperoni…

Pinball 541 says:

Pizza Like this reminds me of the personal size pizzas that I used to get for lunch occasionally in high school in the early 90’s. VERY GREASY! If you did not use a napkin for everytime you touched the pizza it wasn’t good, that is how we judged it. Erik, was that the location at Ray & Dobson in Chandler, & did the pizza get revenge on you later?

BlueThundah75 says:

I love their Deep Deep dish pizza. It’s honestly just as good as pizza hut and dominos out here, but costs a quarter of the price.

shin lee says:

deep dough pizza

VA gamer says:

I think it is amazing now about pizza hut man hate to say it it’s the worse pizza i have ever had

Joseph Tafur says:

I just ate a banana while eating this and now i want a greasy 3 meat treat hot n ready for dinner

arcticfox04 says:

I always love RA. Cherry Pepsi a man of fine taste.

Cameron Reeves says:

Great video!

Sean says:

You’re gonna regret it… lol

Bendawg PDX says:

I’m a fan of the deep deep dish. I like how the Hawaiian uses Canadian bacon and I can order extra saucy. Although Little Caesars chops the meat into a strange shape.

I don’t have a store nearby for the lunch offer. The Pizza Portal is kind of fun. Kids would love operating it with parents.

I WANT MY SLAW!! says:

I enjoy the anti-social factor. I like that you can be in and out, get your pizza, and GTFO.

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