Little Caesars Pizza Review: Unique Experience

In a world where most companies kick sand in your face, Little Caesars surprised me…


Mary Sunshine says:

Two incidences in the last couple years stood out. Cut off by a Leons truck (furniture dept). Got the finger and some cursing….called to complain and got your basic , “Oh well”. Then Walmart….45minutes in line, already had a huge load of groceries on the belt and of course kept thinking any second now…….called, excuses and no satisfaction. Kudos to the person at Little Caesars!

Chocolate Thunder says:

Well it is supposed to be hot and ready. It’s nice that they gave you a couple pizzas on the house for your kids. For the price, Little Ceasar’s is a good deal. I remember their pizza being better quality before they started their 5 dollar pizzas. Now sometimes I’d get a good one, sometimes I’d get a bad one. On average they’re edible. Beats paying 15 bucks for the same thing at Papa John’s. I am not a fan of their pizza.

Constant Chinner says:

I once wrote an letter to Boston Pizza HQ because of an awful experience I had (this was years ago). Not only did I get two letters (one from the store, one from HQ) apologizing, I also received 25 dollar gift certificate. I was happy about that.

Darren Leavitt says:

this dood has the best dope

ppoint432 says:

Surprisingly I never had problems with Little Caesars. Anytime I go there, usually have at least one or two $5 large cheese pizzas ready.

Over here, it’s been Papa Johns service that’s been terrible for me. I’ve been 2/2 for receiving a large pizza that was undercook. That’s unexpectable when their pizzas are expensive. A single two-topping large pizza from them is like $18 -19. I should of complained after the second time but I’m not as brave as you.

Hoops590 says:

one problem with buying frozen pizza is I overcook it sometimes
the more expensive pizza is not higher quality. I worked at several pizza places.
Papa johns mixes the sauce with a power drill, same as dominos
Pizza hut has the best sauce, and the xlarge is sweet sauce.
At pizza hut the management is not interested in improving operations at all
I have been rejected for management several times, I can’t even get a pizza job!
PapaJohns is severely micromanaged they literally count the pepperonis on a large pizza 32
if you put 33 they may fire you
When I worked at dominos I was assaulted by a coworker and my lip was split in three, then I got fired
my favorites taco cabana, in n out, dell taco,

Samuel Gaming says:

The thumbnail made me hungry

John Dohe says:

I use to go to Little Ceasers when they were open in town back from ’98-01 and it was close by. After their bankruptcy deal they closed all their stores in town. They didn’t reopen any stores in town till around ’10. They only opened a few stores compared to how many they had before. The one closest to me is too far of a trip to go get a $5 pizza. Of course they aren’t hurting for business since they did a smart move in opening it next to a high school.

RonH H says:

this pizza tastes like cardboard not good

Voan Siam says:

I remember going to Little Caesar a few times in the past. The first two times I call in to place order as those are specialty pizza so that I don’t have to wait at the store but the third time I went there was kinda late at night and I just got off from work. So I decided to go get Little Caesar cause it’s closes to my workplace. While there, I order a 2 topping pizza and 2 beverage sodas, they told me for that pizza I had to wait 15 minutes, I say it’s okay, I’m in no rush. After 15 minutes when the pizza was done something I did not expect happen. They told me sorry for the long wait here have an extra Hot N Ready Pizza on the house meaning a free pizza to go with the one I already order. I told them no thanks I’m okay, then they say are you sure, it’s free, it’s the last one, and it’s on us. I then say well okay I’ll take it.

When I went to work the next day I told my co-workers about this and they say that if you go to that Little Caesar near closing time meaning the last hour that place will close, if you order anything except the last Hot N Ready Pizza, those guys will offer you the pizza for free cause the manager there don’t want those pizza to be wasted when the store closed which explains why I got the last free pizza. I was like wow I never knew they had such a sweet deal, it may not be the best pizza place but if you’re working late night and hungry like I do you’ll eat anything. Anyways that was then, the new manager that runs that store nowadays probably sucks cause everyone I know doesn’t go there anymore.

Media Guy says:

Most companies only have that “complaint form” thing to cover their asses. It’s a sideshow.

Paranormal Messenger says:

Go David – you sure deserve a break…

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