Little Caesars – The Rise and Fall…And Rise Again

Little Caesars is traditionally one of the four largest pizza chains and in my opinion, they do a good job in separating themselves from the others. They’re the cheapest AND the fastest, which is especially important for a fast food chain. But from the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s, they had some major troubles. This video profiles their rise to popularity, their decline during those years, and how they brought it all back.

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Oma Cool says:


wolfstar says:

If you say Costco pizza is better than any other brand. You’re on crack, Costco pizza is greasy asf, tastes like absolute greasy ass once it gets cold. And the amount of cheese compared to bread, yuck. At least LC holds its taste somewhat after reheating and is loads less greasy than Costco, PH, Dominos or Papa Johns. The only pizza I can think that is probably worse is Pizza Loca.

JnLighting 1000 says:

I love LC, but on to the main point i work for a restaurant and corporate is always making changes yes it’s a fairly new restaurant but good are the decisions made in my opinion unjust like why would you make a change to put both a full and a half order of shrimp into the same thing and then revert the change like 3 months later? And why is it that I see literally NOTHING advertised about the restaurant I know of like three things because I also did marketing before they stopped doing what I was doing and I know that 1 person saw a billboard there was what I was doing and that I had like 2 Spotify adds about the restaurant but even with Spotify you take into account how many people have premium and how often the add would pop up and I don’t have premium and I had it once and get this it wasn’t even for the restaurant that I specifically work for it was for a different locations store because they opened up some of the stores to close together it cannibalizes their sales

Pepe The Great #MAGA 2018 says:

Can you do family video

Dalton Taylor says:

I always wondered why they declined. Where I’m from they closed the restaurants in the decline period and I was never sure why because other cities nearby still had them. Now they have a bunch of locations! So glad they are killing it now!

mujjuman says:

little caesars pizza is so bad…. but its good for the price

Warren Nelsom says:

Lil caesers fucks my stomach up for days every time I eat it. I think it’s the nasty ass sauce they use. Our town has the worst lil caesers and Taco Bell in the tri state though. You will wait a lot longer there to get your food than at McDonald’s or Wendy’s and for bad food. It’s because the people who own it. They’re shady.

steve honeybadger says:

I would say that Little Caesars products are quite good. In my opinion Pizza Hut is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality. I would rather eat that square microwave pizza over Pizza Hut.

koila maoh says:

Wait a moment they fail lol? They still have plenty of chains where I am at, delicious cheap ass pizza.

AnnMei Li says:

Bad pizza for a good price.

Enclave says:

Their pizza is really bad, but it is edible and at that price sometimes it’s hard to say no to if you’re broke. Crazy bread on the other hand is awful and I love it 😛

Oh, and in my experience? Little Caesars DOES let you eat in the store. They usually have a very narrow table with some stools or chairs you can sit on that looks out the front window. Really it’s only really viable to eat there if you ordered crazy bread. A box of pizza, even a small one just wouldn’t fit very well on that table.

Jerakk30 says:

If you want “high quality” pizza.. you don’t go to ANY of those places. That’s like saying McDonalds sells high quality burgers….or Taco Bell has high quality steak.

Roberto Abrego says:

That 6 dollar pizza ain’t nothing but dough….with a splash of cheese and a a spoon af sauce

heretolevitateme says:

I feel like you missed an opportunity to talk about the price-competition aspects in pizza industry. Pizza costs about the same or less than it did 25 years ago, and I’m not talking about considering inflation, either. Little Caesar’s has been at the forefront of driving prices lower and lower.

You hear lots of people talk about how good they remember Pizza Hut being when they were kids, and that’s because it was better, because that was before Little Caesar’s started undercutting everyone with the hot-and-ready, lol.

Alexia G says:

I used to work at one and I can say the quality of their ingredients is meh. The environment was incredibly stressful ONLY because we had to constantly pump pizzas by a hot oven but the people who worked were always cool 🙂 I’ll always remember stealing some bread on break

surething baby says:

First off, excellent video. I wasn’t sure how interesting a video about a pizza chain could be, but you nailed it. You also nailed an easy to grasp explanation for my slow brain. No joke- I have trouble understanding things from a business point of view. I always lacked that for whatever reason. But anyway I remember Little Caesars with fond memories. Not necessarily the building itself, which was always empty. I was always the only one in there, which is probably why I stopped seeing Little Caesars around my area for over 12 years starting in the late 90’s. By that I mean, I think, but can’t prove, that Little Caesars realized there wasn’t much in the way of making cash for their company, so all their pizza restaurants left my area. There was this one Little Caesars in Delaware that my family and friends would occasionally take me to, but other than that one, I haven’t been able to find another one for 12 years. Not until they started appearing in malls, instead of open buildings. Anyway, this particular Little Caesars in Delaware packed their bags and left that area behind, leaving me unable to find another one.

I remember the pizza tasted awesome. Now it’s hard to say if the pizza tasted awesome because I was a teenage pizza-obsessed freak, or perhaps the quality really was better in the mid 90’s. I remember the crust was exceptional. I think it had garlic salt, but it was cooked properly with that fine balance of being crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The sauce was really good too. I didn’t interpret this place as a quick go-to just to get an easy meal. I considered it a legitimate place to enjoy good pizza (admittedly because the above mentioned Delaware Little Caesars I used to go was out of the way) I miss this place, and it’s not often you’ll hear me say that about any kind of restaurant chain. My town doesn’t care about Little Caesars apparently, and neither do any of the other towns close by.

BabyBoyBelcher says:

I miss their jalapeño cheezy bread! It had mozzarella and like a spciy melted nacho cheese underneath.

Alkaiser says:

Little Caesars is some damn good pizza for what its worth. I stick any leftover LC pizza in my oven and it tastes even BETTER for some reason.

iHeadHunterz says:

Does anyone else want little caesars after watching this?

Blake Louthan says:

Little Caesar’s Hot OR Ready

⭕️ Hot

⭕️ Ready

Pick one

Michael Sutherland says:

That monster pizza they had back in the 90’s was great they need to bring it back

Couch gaming news says:

Pizza hut is one of the nastiest pizza i have ever had Dominos is top quality

Campers says:

Little seizures

Chris Gayler says:

Well when we need to feed kids for a birthday party it is the best bang for your buck no doubt. I can buy 10 pizzas for $ 55.50 in my town and it easily feed 20 people during a birthday party.

BaeBunni says:

Honestly the Pizza is not just good for the price it’s pretty good in general they also push smaller portion sizes which let’s be honest america needs more of.

But all said and done I still prefer papa murphy’s take home and bake. It’s cheaper, bigger, less oil in general.

Phantasy Starved says:

I don’t know what it is about Little Caesar’s pizza dough but my body rebels if I eat more than a couple of slices. I get really painful gas cramps and explosive diarrhea. No other pizza does this to me.

ベール グリーンハートVert Green Heart says:

5:24 Springfield pioneer parkway much?

Dorin Micula says:

Anyone remember the Little Ceaser Palace??? A little Ceaser pizza joint with a full arcade and wooden park inside.

it just works. says:


AB Román says:

Wasn’t there like a Chuck E Cheese type, Big play place but Little Caesars themed?! I could’ve sworn it was called something like Caesars Palace or something….

Dive Bar Casanova says:

In most small towns Little Caesars is usually better than the locals. Still not great, but better. You have to get it fresh cooked and eat it immediately. It doesn’t travel well.

austin vick says:

I used to buy lunch for my landscaping crew every payday. You KNOW i only spent 12 dollars after tax to feed 4 people. LC made me a great leader and kept my wallet fat

Hiimniu says:

Little Caesars is sorta nostalgic to me. I’m fairly young i guess, but living in a city (essentially) made up of field workers meant that LC was the place to go for pizza every night, even though we had our own mom and pop pizza place just down the street from it. Getting 3 pizza’s for under 20$ was great and as i got older it became where some of my friends began working. It’s a nice place usually, and I still go there today just cuz the cost and cuz i know it more than everything else. Good strategy I’d say.

Dive Bar Casanova says:

I miss their Pretzel dough pizza.

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