Little Caesars’ Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza Review – Ep. 875 #TMR

Today we try Little Caesars’ Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza. How crunchy is it? Is thinner better? Will it throw off the crust, sauce, cheese, topping ratio? Does it matter if it’s Little Caesars? Why is it cut like this?

Stay tuned to this video for some of these answers!

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The Two Minute Reviews aim to bring honest, thorough, non-scripted reviews of new products.

The TMR Review Crew – Clint & Cameron, are long time friends & have work together on many projects. TMR posted 5+ reviews every week from 2013 – 2016. After a 2 year hiatus, we are coming back with new reviews & will be posting at least 1 review every Thursday.


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toki550 says:

Glad to. See you guys back and thank you for this review because I was just about to order this

ChanceGG says:

Have you guys tried fresh brothers? Their thin crust is really similar looking. It’s expensive though.

Vyith says:

I’m so happy you guys are back, please don’t kill yourselves with bad food like this though 🙂

Nick Manzione says:

Welcome back!

jere says:

Agreed. Definitely salty. But I’m on board with the thin crust. Great vid guys!

Johnny says:

I use to cut the pizzas all messed up sometimes on a busy night working at papa johns and another local chain. Luckily no one ever complained or at least I didnt hear about it 😀

Charles Porterfield says:

Is this the 1st time you’ve ever had a pizza cut into squares? I’ve had plenty of thin crust pizzas with the square cut. I feel like that’s the norm for thin crust.

paulsullivanable says:

i love you guys, love that you’re back (but take 7 minutes to review), but you still don’t seem to realize that you dog everything so hard like you’re eating caviar every day. you have to have a reasonable baseline expectation going in if you’re going to review things that are bargain or things you know you already won’t like. don’t go to a nickleback concert expecting to hear the beatles. woof, boys.

Elliott Wilde says:

Just watched this video and then an older video. You guys seem more relaxed and have a great flow now. Keep up the good work!

Look at me says:

Got to eat it fast and hot! This is for any pizza place.

Josh Dale says:

It is called a “party cut”, boys

Brian Clark says:

little caesars in my town is the same way. nothing is ever hot and ready lol. the employees don’t give a shit either

dakert40 says:

Hi Clint and Cameron, Its funny as you are saying how bad the pizza is it kind of makes me want to try it for myself. If I want a pizza I will use low carb tortilla shells and put on my own veggie toppings and cook it in the nu wave oven.

Martz says:

Chicago style thin crust pizza is traditionally cut into squares, interesting to see Little Caesars’ doing it too.

DVQP5064 says:

Was going to get this tonight because I liked it. Now I feel bad.

Adrian Garcia says:

This is what I’ve been needing in life

Branden Hill says:

Great to have you guys back! My suggestion for the next video would be an Oreo taste test between the new flavors on the market. If you can keep up. They do a new one about every week now.

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