Mama Rosa’s Pepperoni Pizza: Dollar Store Dining

Welcome to Dollar Store Dining, the show where we take a look at all things food and drink from dollar stores!! The primary will be Dollar Tree however there will be other places, including Family Dollar and Dollar General where even though they are not $1 only they are still placed in the category. Today we will be taking a look at Mama Rosa’s…Pizza….

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GermanShepherdRex says:

hahaha that didnt impress you my friend, like nr 26

J Wilkins79 says:

Oh my, they don’t even bother to use real cheese!? How lazy of them lol Looks horrible too

Gaming Grandpa says:

lol, great video mate, here have my like, keep up the amazing work

Abel & CAIN says:

” try not to cry ” 😀 it looks tasty tho

MayitoTek says:

this reminds me of that Chocolate quesadilla you got from Taco bell some time ago ..

DE Ackern says:

Great video my friend 😀 Love it! #Iamacreator


fun to watch




Great work! Awesome video! Like #30

The Hoosier Nerd says:

Were’s the hammer!

Phyllis Brown says:

Oh, love the video. I enjoy food reviews, so here to watch your videos, comment and to pay it forward. Enjoyed watching. Take care.

PoppyBug says:

Great video. Happy Snacking!

Ray Games says:

nice video

What next, sunshine? says:

Hi hello…. this is a good review idea! :-)) 4:20h ahhhh XD funny. says:

Thank you so very much for sharing this Video

CherylAndSteve says:

Bummer 🙁

Dave Nicholson says:

Discount steak is some timed glued together remnants. What a sad pizza.

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

Great review, to bad it wasn’t good, got a laugh out of the Obama crying because it was so bad lol…good video…

Kirk G says:

Come on, these original pizzas should never be used as the finished product. If you get one of these, dress it up…maybe you got some onion, green pepper , garlic powder, mushroom, cheese, etc. The point is, never buy a dollar pizza expecting to be wow’d from it, you won’t be… but you can use what you got and dress it up and make a decent snack…not a dinner, maybe a lunch. If you know how to use dollar stores than you can save and still enjoy a good meal as well as other things….and NEVER microwave a frozen pizza…that’s for lazy people!

Kara a German Shepherd Adventure says:

You are missing the best cry ever guy… A&E intervention. If you chuck it – frisbee.. Kara will catch it midair! lol…

Dave Nicholson says:

Hot sauce fixes everything

Tommy Miller says:

Had a few of them! Save A Lot stores are lot better. at least I think! Awesome video!!

DM's MixUp says:

Mmmm tasty…

funk off says:

Lmao! Who our what makes these pizzas!

MayitoTek says:

I think i you deep fry it , it will at least be toasty !!

AKA Our Life says:

You took one for the team with this one. Hope you stayed close to home after consuming. Fake cheese… gross. Total reject!!!!


Great review sorry about the pizza this video was funny Thanks for sharing watch in full Have a beautiful day

Bama girl Amy says:

Amazing great review

Sam and Sugar says:

Excellent sharing

Llama Monster says:

Oh… That looks truly awful…

Rebecca A. Emrich says:

Great video- keep these coming.

Sandra's haul's says:

Awesome tfs

LastPharaoh says:

Cooking in the oven and this could have got a solid 5.9

FreeMusicJukebox says:

Put plainly.. That pizza is a bin filler.

EpicHanz says:

that looks not good at all… Hope you are having a great weekend!

WI Clawer says:

Ate more than i thought. Good job lol

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