Oprah That’s Good! Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza Review

This is a taste test/review of the Oprah That’s Good! Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza. It has a classic crust which is 1/3 cauliflower. This pizza has mushrooms, fire-roasted onions, red peppers, green peppers and black olives. It was $6.99 at Meijer. 1/5 pizza (133g) = 280 calories

Music Credit: “Fearless First” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Liz S. says:

I realllllly wish I could’ve done a better job at convincing you to try my beloved Cali’Flours Foods crusts instead of these. I’ve annoyed you enough with the details about the company, especially with my review posts. These Oprah pizza reviews are killing me, since they are NOT good cauliflower pizza representations.

Carina says:

Based off of the reviews of these pizzas.. I wouldn’t get them… solely on the thick crust alone… but also that the taste seems to have failed too.

jean norton says:

I bet Oprah doesn’t eat them either.

Dizzy Strife says:

Cooked cauliflower is amazing!

Mike Bird says:

You guys need to try Outsiders Pizza Detroit style, a newer frozen on the shelves and let me tell you, it’s freaking amazing! Give her a try!

Luke Carrigan says:

https://www.nodoughpizza.com Well that escalated quickly haha. I keep on watching and saying that the ones we get here which I tried once and thought was really gross (I thought you were meaning this kind when you said on the stream you were going to be trying these Cauliflower Pizzas). I found a link to their website and they are 70% Cauliflower Base so please don’t ever try these if you thought the Oprah ones were bad.

Zack F says:

I love steamed cauliflower w/ cheddar cheese melted atop, or Lebanese fried cauliflower MMMMM

Sarah Mockingbird says:

It is thoughtful of you to come back at the end with an update after you have eaten more of the meal. Do you have California Pizza Kitchen restaurants in your area? They make a veggie pizza (not a cauliflower crust) that comes with baby broccoli, eggplant, cremini mushrooms, red onions, and sun-dried tomatoes. It also has roasted corn but ew! no I ask them to leave that off because I don’t like corn to begin with and it does NOT belong on pizza. I’m part Italian so my opinion matters more. (Kidding!)

Hayley Gold says:

Geez, they tell you the center rack? What if you got a 2-tier oven?

Luke Carrigan says:

What was that noise when you both took the first bite? That is a hard crust?

Braxton l says:

I bet you guys were dreading dinner time with these pizzas lol

Brian Farkas says:

Greedy pig Oprah needs to cash in again. She knows about eating food, not making it.

Suhni H. says:

Is it better than delivery & digiorno pizza?

Luke Carrigan says:

I’m curious to know who ate the rest of these Pizzas as you only had two slices each. I left another comment.

Mich B says:

Thank you for being so honest in your reviews! I appreciate it!

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