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In the very first episode of Restaurant Archaeology we take a look at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ. Organ Stop Pizza claims to have the world’s largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the world! Organ Stop Pizza is one of only three “pizza and pipes” pizzerias left in the United States.

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Hey, it's Kay! says:

Is this near Tempe?! I think I went here on vacation in high school!

Fried Bullet says:

I remember a place called Organ Grinder Pizza in Denver, CO when i was a kid back in the 80’s.

Ricky Berkey says:

Indianapolis, Indiana had a version of this restaurant called the Paramount Pizza Palace (they had a Wurlitzer that came from the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California). It was quite popular for a while but once the novelty wore off people just stopped coming and it was sadly closed. I never realized that there was actually a chain of these types of restaurants with the same format, mediocre pizza and dramatically played organ music.

Adam Porter says:

I don’t have any memories of Organ Stop. However, growing up in Arizona I do absolutely remember Pistol Pete’s and Peter Piper Pizza. That restaurant is massive though.

zz3r007 says:

did they ever re-open the krispy kreme’s in the phoenix area? I remember hearing they all closed up overnight.

Kathleen J says:

I don’t think it’s a dying restaurant but I remember seeing ads for Bulwinkle’s Pizza in Juneau, AK. It was kind of like an off-brand version of Chuck E Cheese without the creepy animatronics but definitely a kids party place. Sadly no organ music tho.

BlueThundah75 says:

…This is a good idea.

estherdestiny says:

As far as I know, Cleveland has nothing like this. This is amazing! Please do more of these!

Eric Townsley says:

Love the idea. Great Job!

Brandon Wright says:

Cool! I didn’t know any of these still existed! My Dad used to take me to a place call the Roaring 20s in Grand Rapids, MI when I was a kid in the 1980s.

Brandon says:

Fascinating place I’d never heard of. Absolutely bittersweet to hear there’s only a few of them left.

TheBallpark25 says:

Anyone remember Rocky and Bullwinkle Pizza Parlor (San Jose, CA or maybe Santa Clara)?

Srb2Az says:

Drivin by this place a million times and never actually been to it

BoratWanksta says:

Really great video! Can’t believe there are only 3 ‘pizza and pipes’ pizza restaurants left in the whole US! I’ve always heard the Beggars Pizza location on Ridge Road in Lansing, IL(south Chicago suburbs), still has organ pipes they play at that location to this day. It occupies a former movie theater in Lansing, and to my knowledge(correct me if I’m wrong youtubers) is still open to this day. Someday, I’ll have to go to that location myself! The organ pipes here look so big, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were bigger than the ones inside Beggars Pizza in Lansing.

Gage Moss says:

Yes, more restaurants please. I think they owe a debt of gratitude to Shakey’s pizza.

Ryan Giron says:

is there a Bullwinkle Restaurant still around today?

Battle Of Trenton says:

I so miss Pizza & Pipes in Tacoma, WA. It was much the same as Organ Stop without the rotating console. I remember on Saturday nights they’d project the snow battle from Empire Strikes Back and the organist would score it like a silent film! Then two employees dressed as Yoda and Vader would duel among the patrons until Yoda chased him from the building. Other costumed characters included the Pink Panther (who danced during Henry Mancini’s movie music) and Mickey Mouse who led the children in a march during the Mickey Mouse Club theme. The only drawback was when they installed a balloon vending machine in the auditorium which made a horrible noise almost drowning out the music! Sadly this building burnt down due to a kitchen fire and a TGI Fridays occupies the location where The Mighty Wurlitzer once stood.

Angela Adventures says:

I can’t believe you beat Toe Jam and Earl, that’s awesome. My friend and I tried and tried and never beat it. I still try from time to time – one of these days!

SupraWes says:

Pizza and a giant pipe organ, I would be in heaven!

Matt T says:

I would definitely like to see more episodes like this! I’ve never seen an organ pizza place until you posted this.

nope noperson says:

How absolutely bizarre, i’ve never seen anything like it. Post more!

Jessica Hill says:

Would definitely love to see more, maybe include the food too?

Craig Bytwerk says:

I really enjoyed restaurant archeology. Do more if you can. Here in W. Michigan we had Roaring 20s Pizza in Grand Rapids. Don’t think it survived the 1980s but it was always an adventure.

Billy Riley says:

Would love to see more restaurant videos! Any unique or dying establishments would be cool. You do such amazing work cataloguing all of these places that will one day be only remembered here. Thank you.

Steven Barron says:

Great video. In Greenfield,WI we have a very similar place called Organ Piper pizza. Love it

TrevorRat says:

Cool looking restaurant! Great video

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