Papa Murphy’s Makes No Sense

Standup Comedian John Crist describes his first visit to Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

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Elizabeth Myers says:

Best pizza

Ashley C. says:

Papa Murphy’s is good. Lol

Liz J says:

Dude Papa Murphy’s is the most amazing pizza.

TehFluffyDuck says:

I hate Papa Murphys!!!

daniel boggan says:

Columbus and Jamestown…. the amateur historian in me is enraged

Daugther of the Lord says:

Typical entitled Caucasian American man….lol,jk.

Kristina Hayes says:

Papa Murphy’s is my favorite pizza place but this is awesome!

Lily Cowell says:

Dude! Papa Murphy’s is the best!

Lost Krusader says:

A lot of them have a sampling oven in the back. You should have just explained you were super high and super hungry and not to piss you off. They probably would have baked it for you.

Katherine Witherell says:

Hilarious! And I feel the same way about the head of lettuce- no matter where I go, when I order a salad, I have to spend a half lifetime chopping the whole thing up. They give me lettuce with like a whole tomato, an unpeeled onion, a block of cheese, and the recipe for Ranch. My friends and family have all eaten and gone to see the latest butchering of Star Wars while I’m still at the grocery store buying a cutting board to make my own dinner on. Takes almost as long as back in the Dark Ages when they were baking their own pizza!

Cloudy Worthless says:

How DARE you speak ill of Papa Murphy’s. Disliked.

Raven Ghostly says:

I love papa Murphy. I don’t ever have burnt or under cooked pizza again.

Brett Davis says:

I thought that too – I made fun of the business idea and refused to eat from there, until I realized that I didn’t own my own business making a bunch of money. I tried it in a pinch and it was pretty good. It tastes comparable to chain pizza places, and much better than frozen pizza.

endorbr says:

I realize it’s comedy, but just a little history nugget: Christopher Columbus never set foot in Jamestown. Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed in 1492 on behalf of Spain to find a new route to the East Indies, that being Asia. Over four voyages he found the “new world” instead, that being the Bahamas and Central America. Jamestown wasn’t founded for more than another century, by the British, about a thousand miles to the north, in Virginia.

Rabbit Fury says:

Dude, people like to take a pizza home to have hot pizza.

Black Thunder says:

I love papa Murphy’s

Fulcrum Studios says:

The one in my old town just shut down, yay

Sarah Callahan says:

I used to be a manager at PM. Every day someone would order a pizza and then get mad it wasnt cooked. We also asked if we were related to papa johns on the reg. But the pizza is delicious because of the ingredients we use

N.B. Kristjansson says:

And there’s The Grate Steak, where you cook your own steak, probably for twice or 3x the cost of cooking it at home.

stacy Hobson says:


theholyhermit says:

You’re knocking Papa Murphy’s? Oh, it’s on, now.

Tricia Paris says:

Papa Murphy’s is actually really good, taste like homemade. I thought it was silly at first too lol

I Am Ryanne says:

That salad! LOL

Benji B. says:

Papa Murphy’s is the best.

Dr. Thunder says:

You don’t change oil using a screw driver . Try saying wrench next time you deliver that line, it will make more sense.

Caden Bigler says:

I love Papa Murphy’s ❤️

ConstantCompanion says:

Who pulled a knot in YOUR tail. Papa Murphy’s is cheaper and if you bake it yourself, you get it piping hot with gooey cheese No sitting in oil congealing while its delivered to your house.

Mere C says:


SimpleMan.45 says:

I don’t care Papa Murphy’s pepperoni pizza is the best pizza ever. Just try it.

Allissa Buseman says:

Honestly,my first thought when I heard of the place.

Karly Stroup says:

love paten

EmmyG says:

As someone who works at a Papa Murphy’s this is hilarious, but you’re also missing the advantages to this – such as, I don’t have to cook your pizza

Firewolf Knight says:

High Quality ingredients

Mouserjan0222 says:

This is exactly why I wont use a “meal kit” delivered to your door and I STILL HAVE TO COOK IT!

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