People Try Ikea Food

“Are lingonberries just cranberries?”

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Niko Keranen says:

Tip: dont go with your parents

daniel fong says:

the girl in the red has a long face

Alyssa Green says:

I didn’t even know IKEA had food

Ju Lynn Ong says:

Ikea food is the bomb

Purple Gums says:

the meatballs are soooooooooo good

Maxine130 Peralta says:

Their meatballs are soooooooooooo good. I went to IKEA twice, and im pretty sure i won’t come back because where i am from is the philippines and i tried these in Austria

Marley B says:

The fish and chips from ikea is really good

Joanne bustos says:

The girl in the red really annoys me

AppleGuineas says:

4kr ikea körv

Haley Bendt says:

But the ice cream is bomb af

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

IKEA food is awesome

Nya Smith says:

I wish they would’ve shown the apple cake <3 That's my favorite!

Holly Shue says:

I love their meatballs! I haven’t been to ikea in a couple of years, but I remember that the meatballs were delicious! I can’t wait to go back!

Paul Jason says:

0:20 they both look sexy af

Theodor Torregiani says:

You guys know that lingon is the same as cranberry?

Ella Lupo says:

I am obsessed with IKEA’s meatballs I had them for lunch today and I wasn’t even at IKEA

ertix111 Aqw says:

im swedish and i hate lingonberries!

ariel eats says:

woah saf is wearing color

Danny R says:

ikea has the best food

peter pan says:

you got the swedish national anthem correct in the begining, good job.

Lisa and Lena says:

We have ikea in Romania that says a lot

Crazy Pets says:

I love Ikea food

Arijeta Kaba says:

Should make title ” people eat horse”

jejjezz says:

Love from us in Sweden <3

Big Heaf says:

I’m sure she meant gruel, but I only thought of grool. Very different.

Alle Alle says:

“Veggie MEATballs”

ReggaeDubSoundSystem says:

Final thoughts: Katie is a *unt.

ItzCures says:

Who else is annoyed by the lady in red?

Ms. Unicorn says:

They should try the ice cream. It’s soft and creamy, and it melts very very slow, and the cone is crunchy, it’s my favourite ice cream.

kayla wong says:

I don’t know why but I feel annoyed by the girl in the red

Izabelle S says:

this is so disrespectful, you can’t have americans making SWEDISH food (plus why does every dish look disgusting like wtf?? here they look like Jesus)

Ekaterina Protasova says:

Ikea food is much better that at the most restaurants in America that I have ever eaten at

iamabean says:

What is all this stuff lol I’m the European ikea there is none of this weird stuff apart from meatballs and lingonberries

Its Zaber says:


PeskyGames says:

The beans are frozen, which is why there is so much water in them

roseyorsageiwonder says:

If I could marry ikea I would. I don’t care if I don’t speak the strange unusual language of ikea furniture assembly manuals.

Hallie Steele says:

I love the food there

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