Pizza! Pizza! My Thoughts On Little Caesars

Talking about the Pizza Chain Little Caesars and my thoughts thereon, I also talk about their ExtraMostBestest [sic] Extra Most Bestest Pizza as well as their Chicken Wings and Crazy Bread.




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Bob Poppins says:

Your talent is unmatched man. Idk anyone else who could sit and talk about pizza all in one take without any slip ups.

Rick Fontaine says:

“Consumption Sequence” is going to be my next band name.

suny123boy1 says:

The plant keeps moving around!

The German Reich says:

Dad came home from work

Krohnos says:

Need me a freak like John – all American and wholesome.

these BISCUITS!!! says:

I guess they never miss huh

The5thAstronaut says:

Yo real talk little ceasars pepperoni cheese bread is really good with some ranch, one of the food decent foods I get there

wetdot says:

this animals only chews 3 times max.

PAZUZU93 says:

You should review at home frozen pizzas like digiorno.

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

I hope you enjoy the video! If you’re interested in checking out my Amazon Store or Teespring Store you can find the info here:

Alex Q says:

Now I’m hungry for pizza. Little Caesar’s is one of my least favorite pizza, but damn I’d love to eat a slice right now. And I admit, part of it is because your commentary. Excellent review.

DivinexDragoonxRising says:

Deep dish pizza is the best fake pizza.

priestessmikokikyo77 says:

such a handsome young man, love his look! he looks like he time traveled from 1950’s AWWW so sexy!

David Mason says:

Eating this for a meal is like putting water in your gas tank.. like you said good for the mind not the body lol

Dave Casey says:

I’ll just sit here and enjoy my $5 Lunch special while I watch this video. Mmmmmm …. good.

Max mackinnon says:

Yeah buddy!!!! i love the Honesty, love the professional approach ! you are the Man!

Patrick Mckeown says:


livnevi says:

“it satisfies the hunger” i think that is THE most accurate quote that best describes LC’s

Michael Garofalo says:

He nailed it, because I really was waiting for that intro….

Tris Turner says:

Did he say that was his meal for the DAY

culture045 says:

Ahhh Reviewbrah showing his most tasteful of humor by putting Little Caesars’ iconic slogan “Pizza Pizza!” In the title of the video. A very risqué move, but one that paid off entirely in the end. A firm 10/10 for this video.

Crossfilm Productions says:

The Three Meat Treat is where it’s at

Dee Ca. says:

I like their crazy bread the most, except sometimes they’ve given me rock hard inedible breadsticks.
So it’s a huge risk.

Wehere323 says:

Worked there and manager they’ve been giving bonuses to the stores that make the most money (aka selling pizza and wasting less products ) so that’s why most of a lot of stores has not focus on quality and quantity
In a attempt to save money while to keep making money to get those bonuses

alphacino says:

they do online ordering now PogChamp

Barbie's Slime-a-tory says:

This was posted one day before my birfday

Ghastly Grinner says:

I love Little Caesars

NerdimusPrime says:

The sauce is really good which makes it worth it..

Ace D. Copular says:

I’ll tell you that

Julio says:


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