Resolutions And 2017 Review ⭐🎆

Thank you. Just a few notes here. Please read if you could…

The conclusion: I’d filmed this and finished editing the video just before Christmas (aside from the inserts, which I did last night). I tried to re-edit my original clips about him… but it didn’t work, my words were out of date. I re-recorded what I could and then tried my best to edit something new. My original end card was upbeat and happy, directing you to a playlist of all the videos I’ve made at the end of the years. I felt this ending was more appropriate.

Despite my additional editing, my conclusion now feels too selfish after adding in the newer section talking about him. The original context of my original footage was different of course. These videos are self-reflection entries each year, so naturally, I diverted to myself at the end. If I could refilm, I’d, of course, convert the conclusion to include the last week. I hope this makes sense. I cannot refilm right now.

Next Year: With everything that’s currently happening, I’m going to be distant from social media into the new year. As for the channel, I’m talking a little break. I do wish to continue my channel in the new year, but when I’m ready and able to. This is a hugely distressing period for my family).

Grandad: He died on my Mum’s birthday (she’s the little girl in the last set of photos at the end), on boxing day. We knew he was declining, but did not expect him to pass so suddenly that night, we’d even been told by multiple medical professionals that day that he was doing okay (under the circumstances of course).

Grandad was an integral part of our family, the sixth member. The last few years have been a struggle at times – but he’s been a fantastic Grandad bless him… Can’t write anymore on this.

Harassment: I’ve received relentless harassment the last three years and some has been directed towards my Grandad. Multiple people have expressed wishes (even this week) that he’d die for malicious reasons… and we’ve dealt with even more that I will not repeat. I know you’re reading… you guys were not respectful in life, please be respectful in death (though saying that, you were not respectful with Vee or Phoebe). People who spend years of their lives destroying my life (my self confidence, my relationships, my ability to feel safe in my own home), sometimes wishing my death or the death of my loved ones – FOR FUN – literally have no idea how in need of help they are. If you are taking part in a harassment forum, please know that what you’re doing – destroys lives. If YOU need someone to talk to, to stop with your addiction of hurting me so you can get through your day, you can call Childline and The Samaritans. I will not be reading any longer and hope you get the help you all need. You will not harm me any longer. x

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Boop says:

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I will include you in my prayers.

Celinde says:

From from my experience, I was pescatarian for 3 years and then converted vegan overnight and it has been almost 2 years for me now, I have really never felt better!! Didn’t have any complications because you really get all you need from plant power and I eat pretty casually, too – my blood work is better than ever. And it is doing so much good for the animals, too.

wend89 says:

What a lovely and inspiring video. Thank you for sharing your resolutions.
Despite being a primary school teacher I also struggle massively with self confidence and I constantly care too much about what other people think.
This has made me feel positive towards my own resolutions for the next year.

I lost my Grandad quite suddenly in March and know what a horrible feeling grief is. Sending love and comfort at this time.

Louise Broad says:

Well done! Been following you for so many years, never been so proud x

Brendan James Raymond says:

<3 Take all the time you need.
Awesome seeing how much has changed over just one year. Crazy how that happens! Get what you're saying re: social awkwardness bits and pieces. There are some things I get better at, but some things are, now. Took me a while, and a couple of good psychologists, to realise that. But that's helped. Keep being you. "There can be miracles, when you believe...though hope is frail, it's hard to kill."
And I may take you up on a commission down the road...

Erika B says:

Omg! I would love to listen to an audiobook read by you.

6rooroo says:

I suddenly lost my grandad this year too and Boxing Day was hard because it’s my dads birthday as well and that was the last time I properly saw my grandad the previous year
Hope you’re doing well Rebecca

Simona Dz says:

I am so sorry 🙁 Hugs

andrew citizen says:

goat milk, soy milk and oat milk

Lisa Kitzinger says:

dish year

VannaNar says:

You had me crying with you. I am so sorry for your loss, Beckie.

Celinde says:

Dear, I just wanted to say in terms of your lactose intolerance, it is your body’s natural reaction. Since milk is designed essentially to grow a baby cow into a full grown adult cow in a short matter of time, just like human milk, it contains growth hormones, but in the case of the cow so many, that your body simply rejects it as it is doing more harm to it than good, it is unnatural for humans to consume the milk of any other animal but their own mother as a growing infant. I understand you are struggling, but if you have the time please look into this. There are a lot of documentaries and research on this in addition o the horrendous cruelty that cows as well as their baby calfs suffer as a reault of their exploitation. Essentially, dairy farms are much worse than meat farms, because dairy cows end up going through twice the suffering more than meat animals. They are forcibly impregnated all their life over and over again, their babies stolen and eventually wear out too many years before their life expectancy, and then are also sent off to a slaugtherhouse. It is very upsetting, I know, I’ve been there, but from what you talked about in the video, I really recommend you look into this and make that change. There is also bad colesterol in meat and dairy, pus, antibiotics etc. Essentially you can really influence your body in a very bad way by consuming any of it.

Hannah Provence says:

I have an app called qualitytime (for iphone its called moment) this tracks my phone usage so I can see what I am spending too much time on. I have blocked most apps after 9pm and i cant unblock it without waiting for 5mins. Its amazing!!!

Erika B says:

Hugs ❤️

andrew citizen says:

sorry to hear about your granddad. the new year can be a new start

Krys G says:

Rebecca i am so sorry for your loss. The deterioration is always worse than the death (for me anyways) but i find it easier to say goodbye because you can process what is going to happen and find closure. I hope you are keeping your resolution and staying strong. Much love and happy 2018 ❤

moneefiction says:

My heart breaks for you rebecca.. your grandad must have been and icredible man. Ive dealt with too many losses of incredible people this year. I can understand the heartache and everything that comes along with grief. The pain fades over time but the memories remain and they are like little parcels of joy that are delivered to us every time you think of those very special people. Each memory like a blossoming little flower that makes us glad to have known them and made memories. Sending lots of love your way <3 You can get through it, i believe in your strength

Stephanie S says:

I love these videos. They are so inspiring. I am so sorry about your grandad.My heart breaks for you. I’ve been there and it is so difficult. There just aren’t words. I pray that you and your family will be able to find comfort.

angelicwolfchild says:

My papa is going through cancer too I just hope I can be as strong as you as he fights it. Your videos really help

Ayman Salah says:

My condolences

Emma Online says:

So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my grandfather to cancer in November a few years ago, I know it changed our holiday that year and every year since. So sorry to hear that your loss was so closely tied to the holiday season <3

TheFreakMelanie says:

You can have non dairy hot chocolates! Coconut milk, rice, soy, almond and so many options! You can always treat yourself with the non dairy version which won’t make you break out ! X

Beth Bogart says:

Thank you for being you ❤

Libby’s Journal says:

I’m so sorry hugs hugs hugs hugs

Lebofilms says:

I wish you an amazing 2018, Rebecca and hope when you make this video at the end of the year you end up saying “Yes” to all the goals you wanted to accomplish.

Brenda shepherd-campbell says:

i began watching you because my daughter has trich and was in bad shape….i have stayed for ages because you are engaging and compelling and a good teacher. you are also so very human and that makes me feel connected to you. mental health issues are the game of the day in our home. i am so sorry to hear about your grandfather…while you know you will see him again in heaven. that doesn’t make the grieving process any easier. please don’t feel like you have to apologize for the tears and emotions. we understand and know that you are loved and supported by the majority of everyone who watches your vlogs. everyone else can just pound salt and be gone with it. be gentle with yourself and take time to be with your family. it will help everyone. and in a few weeks the new adventure will begin and bring you all sorts of wonderful new experiences and yes, distractions too. know you are loved, on earth and more importantly by God. give yourself a big hug and have a happy new year!

Mrs TinTin says:

I want to read some classics/classical authors next year as well! 🙂
I was unsure if I wanted kids in the past. Now I worked with kids and their parents the past months and I can see my own strengths and I totally want children! Haha

Greg F. Pettus says:

I am sorry for all the heartache. I lost my dad a few years back and it still gets me. May 2018 bring you infinitely more happy and memorable memories. Cheers!

G13 Maverick says:

@4:07 just what is wrong with you?
I don’t watch much of you because you seem to be a downer.
Not that I don’t care, but you seem to be looking for attention.
Get a better outlook. The best advice I ever got was, Don’t just talk about it/ Do it !

Dan Stevens says:

Sorry for your loss Beckie. I’m sending all my love and hugs to u ❤️

Louisyed says:

It’s totally normal to become more and more lactose intolerant as we get older. Caucasians have evolved to be able to digest lactose for longer into adulthood because at one time being able to digest milk made us more likely to survive when food was scarce. Other ethnicities don’t have the same tolerance for dairy. No other animals drink milk after being weaned from their mother.

Azarino says:

I admire your ability to work on your personal growth and do it your own way.

Tayla Louise says:

Sorry for your loss Beckie <3 I've watched your videos for years, including these resolutions videos and your personal growth has been amazing. I look forward to seeing where 2018 leads you. Be strong and take each day as it comes. x

Steve Cheetah says:

Did anyone else pause at the whiteboard to read the names?

anastasiagirl1342 says:

Beckie, I’ve recently loss my grand father (it was 2009, but I still feel it every day as we were very close) as well, and I just want to say please take all the time in the world. I wish I had done this, instead I jumped too quickly back to work which was a major mistake.

I’m so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

kaitlyn says:

Beckie I am sending so much love xxx

Becsbooks plus says:

Love the quote and your goals! Here’s to a good year 🙂

hashtag it says:

Every video you prove how brave you are! come on 2018 were ready for you!

Annie Driscoll says:

I’m so sorry for your losses, but I can tell that you loved all of them very much and I know they loved you too. That love will help you get through this hard time and you will be stronger in the end. All my prayers and love to you, Beckie. You are loved by more people than you know

Rosie Alger says:

So sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of love and prayers. Very happy to hear that you are surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you. You more than deserve it. Best of luck in 2018!

Drew Harris says:

I’m sorry for all you’ve gone through this year, and sincerely hope the upcoming year is better! As for your diagnoses, I think I can guess one of them, but since you have stated you want to keep them private, I won’t. Regardless, you’re a lovely woman whose videos I thoroughly enjoy

Nelle4ever says:

Rebecca, I so sorry for the loss of your grandad. He seemed like an amazing person the little we got to know him through your channel. I’m sorry that it happened more suddenly and on your mum’s birthday too. I’ll be praying for you and your family. It’s so hard losing a patent and grandparent. You know that they’re probably going to outlive you, that no one lives forever, but it always catches you by surprise and leaves such a big hole in your life. I’m very sorry about Vee and Phoebe as well. What dear sweet pets. I don’t know if I can write about the harassment without swearing but let’s just say that their are some seriously evil people out there and it’s so awful that they’ve made a target of of you. Good will triumph over evil. God Bless!

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