Review – Addiction

Forrest tests out a variety of different substances but finds that he is unable to get addicted to any of them — especially cocaine.

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Goose says:

Lowkey best show ever. The arching storyline of him slowly destroying his life for this show is absolutely brilliant. If u haven’t seen it ur missing out bad.

bseblpitch28 says:

The best part is when he explodes the yoghurt and then rubs it in like lotion lol

Rotch Potch says:

that’s Phils dad in modern family

LivingTheLardLife says:

Sniiiiiiiiff….Sniff….choff…..what was that?

Sad boyo says:

That wasn’t a good enough apology to the dog

I’m calling the fbi

Andulas is says:

A friend of mine took a bit too much once and had Tourette for 3 days. He couldnt talk a single word for the first day

Itz Fitz says:

“This kid is a cop” UwU

Diego Kiwi says:

Take Listerine

47 says:

My nose started bleeding just watching this

Señor Hilter says:


Theodore Bear says:

At least is was just cocaine but god damn man…

Che Thomas says:

This kids a cop

Jon Limbach says:

Cocaine: making goofy fucking white people briefly not suck

hobbicles28 says:

Excerpt from my untitled book of bizarre, scary and simply dumb, short stories to be published sometime in 2019:

A bit about me, I am a survivor of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and a medical marijuana patient who used this miracle plant to break free from the three decades long death grip heroin, an other life wasting drugs had on my life and soul.
This story is dedicated to my grandmother who passed in 2016.

And Now a story Brought to you by a steady diet of FOX news and other conservative talking heads who know nothing about, but continually spew anti-cannabis/marijuana sentiments.
After watching years of Fox News cannabis coverage, marathon sessions of the movie “Reefer Madness” months at a time an having face to face discussions with people who spread barefaced lies, half truths an fear about marijuana an how the world is going to pot and the evils that will soon follow, I wrote the following story:

I am an addict. I was born addicted to the devil’s weed. The plant Commonly known as Marijuana, Cannabis, weed, the devil’s lettuce, Mota or the devil’s weed.
Now The history of my deceased weed addicted mother is not germane to this story.
And it’s equally unimportant to reveal the story of the depth and breadth of my seemingly inescapable addiction.
Rather what’s important is the story about my breaking free from the sweetly, seductive grasp, the grip this noxious, putrid, fetid, satan’s placenta, known as weed, had on my life.
After years of homelessness an all the usual things that result from using this death in the form of smoke, I decided to quit using weed.
I won’t bore you with the details an the numerous trials an tribulations, the evil, disgusting, immoral, an often illegal actions, I had to do to maintain my marijuana addiction.
Instead, I shall open a fragmented window into my mind, for you to peer into my slow journey into madness, towards sobriety and back to eventual sanity.
Suffice it to say tens of thousands were left dead in my wake.
Now The issue is not about the disgusting, horrible and evil things I did on my journey or the even worse things I did to chase that ultimate weed high.
Instead it’s about how I became clean an eventually left weed far, far behind.
Now The most important thing to note is After numerous failed stints in rehab, I finally buried the satanic sativa in the back pages of my history.
The method used was simple, but it was not easy.
After I had robbed the hundredth glaucoma, cancer, and AIDS patient, respectively of their medical marijuana, I made a life altering decision to quit using cannabis, but as we all know, pot is impossible to stop using cannabis without treatment, because it’s the most addictive drug known to humans.
Because Quitting weed cold turkey has killed many users and those who survive are often left in a persistent vegetated state for the remainder of their pot headed pathetic lives, I had to make a plan.
Notice I even tried CBD suppositories to try to quit, but after one dose I was back to whoring myself for weed, sucking for Sativa, gang banging for ganja, humping for hash, just so I could have one more toke.
But it was all in vain.
Not a pretty picture, but an accurate one.

Now Everyone knows that Crack users stay away from pot because they know both crack and cocaine are cheaper, much, much safer, less addictive (as in not addictive at all) and much easier to get than the soul sucking pot. (Notice red eyes mean allowing your soul to fry in the all consuming fires of hell).

Now As fate would have it I finally discovered a cure, a way to break the increasing tight, health damaging, death grip weed had on my life and soul.
One day a wonderful friend introduced me to Heroin. Junk, dope, Black Tar, China White, H, the big H, the H-train to hell, Horse and Chiba. All are different names for heroin, which was the angel in white that I used to break free from the unbreakable manacles weed had placed me in.
This eventually allowed me to escape the mental prison, built brick by brick because of my hellish cannabis addiction.
Now I celebrate daily because I am free, no longer addicted to the sneaky, soul stealing siren’s, seductively, sweet song.
This satan called sativa and the demons of indica, no longer have my brain wrapped in it’s tersely, tightening, sultry , sexy tentacles.
Now keep in mind this did not happen overnight, unlike the instantaneous horrible weed addiction.
In fact It took many years of constantly injecting the sweet savior of heroin into my veins and betwixt my gangrenous toes to break the death grip weed had on my life, before I would one day awaken to discover I was free, because I was no longer a slave to indica, sativa or it’s sneaky bastard cousin cannabis Ruderalis.

I lost the monkey for my back and I no longer use the filthy weed.
But I still crave the mind and soul numbing, psychosis inducing, impotence causing, brain frying, thirteen demons an devil conjuring, violence causing, humanities death in a plant.
I know I will probably die craving it, but as long as I can shoot heroin into my jugular veins an eye sockets a minimum of four hundred an twenty times daily, I shall never again fall for the false innocence of marijuana. (Remember “Reefer Madness” was a true cautionary tale) Tell your children.
Now then With the goddesses help and my trust an rusty hypodermic needle at my side,
I can again face at least one more day clean from the evils of weed.
It’s my hope in writing this, that those potted, weed heads in my situation can put the joint or the bong down, and step away from the horrible dab rigs, because If even one person can stop using weed for one day then they can effectively slow down the cannabis curse, the smokey scourge, the weed powered locomotive sending all of humanity on an express trip to a hell of our own making.
Now If we can stop this dank demon of detriment, this unstoppable evil of the twenty first century, this terror wrapped in innocence, then everything I went through, all the diseases, all the murders, all the horror, all the sleepless years then everything I went through was not in vain an some would say was indeed worthwhile.

Suruasibannac Xes
an edited by
Sib Anna-C.

Excerpt from my untitled book of bizarre, scary and just simple dumb, short stories to be published sometime in 2019.

ฯ Inson says:

1:55 the joke is fully implemented and already boring


Oh my gosh! My name is Forrest!

Slick S says:

That scene in the kitchen was perfect.

Dominic Guzman says:

So sad to see that this never got any traction, and the only job he can get after this were geico commercials

Mr Donut says:

got to love how no line disappeared

E C says:

My dad forgot my name .-.

Bob S says:

This was awesome. Bravo.

Gianmarkovic says:

Jesus Christ this is amazing jajajajajaja. Im a piece of shit for not having seen it before.

Krondelo says:

*talking to the dog* “I’m making you one, don’t even know if you’ll wear it, I don’t care…”

Nik George says:


JAMES says:

Cocaine sucks

10-4_RubberDuck_ says:

1:00 none of the lines disappear, this review seems fake to me

Stephano Toussaint says:

He didnt do it

Super_10 says:

I love it xD

Hector Trejo says:

Wtf this nigga

John Bohan says:

Watching this video at 1.5x speed makes his movements way funnier

Grow Limitless says:

Bruv is his wife crying lol at the end

Angel Claudio says:


LedWolf7 says:

Bon Voyage
Camera Pans*
“Does a line”
Pans Back*
“All lines still there”

Nicolay Hoven says:

They didn’t even remove a line when he “snorted” it.

kento369 says:

This guy sounds so much like Steve Carell when he gets worked up.

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