Robot pizza maker Zume now worth $2.25 billion

It might have to do with a patent they own…Despite bad reviews, robotic pizza maker Zume is now valued at $2.25 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. Zume’s latest investment came from Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. Other investors include co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, and the firm Maveron, whose co-founder made Forbes’ Midas List. So why are heavy hitters investing in this company? The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at

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yousief says:

C’mon now, Brooklyn would be one of the first places where it takes off.Garbage in..shit out. Then put some more in.I source my own olive oil

Jay Dub says:

hydraulic fluid in the food

G June36 says:

beep boop. I was invented to steal American jobs.

Firstlast Lastfirst says:

Neck tendons, that is all.

Richard Garza says:

Good. No tipping .

Spam Sandwich says:

(((funny money people)))

BiketripsETC says:

Bad Mexicans taking over our jobs!

Arxienne Romanova says:

Money laundering 2.0

2nguyen2 says:

Mexicans spit in your food.

Leon Degrelle ϟϟ says:

Machines taking the jobs while population is booming. And there’s still idiots who saying that immigration is good and helping the economy.

O l i v e r! says:

Deep dish is where its at!

+1 Lori
+1 Pizza

Ian Grant says:

How dare you talk about pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. You’re killing me!

joe fitness says:

I would dump that stock

Battlefield 5 says:

Why is rt so against robots

Doc Schweitz says:

This will NEVER EVER EVER come to fruition in local pizzerias!!! What a joke! You can quote me on this prediction!

Spam Sandwich says:

Stalker Diary;
her name is lori, she lives in brooklyn, she frequents tony’s.
tiny bottom here I come!

Dragon Butt says:

Theres one serious problem with Zume though. The trucks. The idea is novel and fantastic, but you cant really fit one of those box trucks down a crowded residential street. Oh, and theres also the age old issue of customers giving you incorrect addresses, living in apartments, expecting you to deliver to their back yard or to the pool…

I mean, Zume is a great idea, dont get me wrong, but logistically its not that great an improvement.
Source: Myself, having worked as a pizza delivery guy for three years.

fib notnow says:

Let’s hope they don’t only serve the Jewish population.

Philena Farley says:

White Castles has Food Trucks that services festivals, so i dont see why not. It will kerp door dash/grubhub services competitive as well. Already seeing inflation within delivery fees.

Michael Gibson says:

It is disgusting that everything has to be made into a capitalist endeavor. The robots should free us workers from jobs! Also, does anybody even try to NOT USE FOSSIL FUELS? AREN’T WE IN A CLIMATE CRISIS? SO WHY MAKE MORE FOSSIL FUEL DEPENDENT VEHICLES? I GUESS WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH OF THE EARTH. WHAT WE WANT IS BUSINESS PROFITS AND WHATEVER WE CAN CLICK ON AND BUY WITH MONEY.

Stephen Miller says:

How does the robot handle pepperonis. Its hard enough for me.

IGIT rabtrails says:

Farty ass pizza

Jim Mooney says:

Because we are gradually being programmed to accept what sucks as normal. It’s been happening for years but slow enough that people don’t notice the slow degradation of quality.

Mohamed Fall says:

And at the end they will have a robot suck the discarded filth out of their holes and leave a good mark of lipstick for thanks.
What a garbage

Alexandre Alienigena says:

Cool… Sophia do a blowjob for much less coming soon!

Gold silver says:

If a robot costs 1 million what’s the point in it making pizza, a human pizza chef would earn 800,000 on irish min wage in 40 years, let’s all sit at home with no jobs and no money because of robots doing our jobs, lol egg and chicken lol the robots would have nothing to do except use up carbon

Robert Craighead says:

Thanks for the update.

fpstina says:

it’s not a robot pizza maker because it cannot by itself make a 1 pizza…

hello hun says:

A human spreads the dough by hand, sauce, cheese and toppings all without washing their hands after they wiped their ass. This why I rarely eat out or get sick.


It probably makes pizza better.

Mark Faine says:

I like the content but I absolutely have the snarky, immature, teenager-who-just – read-howard-zinn attitude. It’s cringy.

Jeffery C says:


Darryl Wigginton says:

How can you have a patent for making good automatically enroute, far too generic to be enforceable it’s the same when words are owned by copyright etc it’s ridiculous.

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