sAs PizzaNight: Mama Cozzi Take & Bake Pizza by Aldi

PizzaNight rocks on with the return of the Bad Cat Calendar and a Take and Bake Pizza from Aldi Food Market!

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Critical Eats Japan says:

Shame —good looking pizza, good looking cat calendar… what could have gone wrong…?

Gern Blanston says:

Put some hot sauce on it Brandon and it’ll be just fine.

UmbreL.A rambo says:

pinche federales, los agararon!
-el chapo

ReviewsTechNow says:

the biggest problem with frozen pizza is the cheese just never has any taste

Daina Ortega says:

My husband and I tried this pizza in light of all the good reviews. BIG MISTAKE! The crust reminded me of Totinos,the cheap 99 cent pizza you can get a Kroger. Crappy crust with an attempt to disguise it with better toppings.
Afterwards we both drank some sodium-bicarbonate to relieve us of the greasy after-effects. To this day I’m not allowed to bring up that Pizza in conversation anymore because the mere mention of it brings the nauseating feelings back

Joe P says:

Aldi’s… medium-low cost items… low to very low quality… been once… haven’t been back.  great review!

DirtyRottenInsult says:

had this pizza before. cardboard crust was my issue with it as well.

nothadnotbad says:

never buy Aldi pizza people… thay all are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodi2shooz says:

very potential, so disappoint, zero wow. well you know what they say, they can’t all the winners, great review as always, very informative, love the new cat calendar!

theendorsement says:

I gave Aldi 2 chances. fail both times… therefore… I will enter the doors no more… Great review sir.

Darcy Lyons says:

Brandon were do you get your Cat Calendars from?

Mr. Treez says:

You talk faaaar to much. 14 minutes to take 2 bites of an item. Come on

kitty friend says:

like.. to me this looks like a nostalgia pizza, like a pizza that would have appeared on a 90’s sitcom, like a really awesome school pizza or something you’d eat in your friends basement playing nintendo …. I don’t know, im into it!

Tunnelfish2 says:

Nice bird clock. My mom has one.

Bern Fernius says:

I grew up on the regular tombstone style one so I have a nostalgic like for it. This one was good for when I was super broke and needed a few meals but I think cutting it into 16 strips instead of 8 big slices helped with the extra chewy crust somehow. I also grew up thinking the owner was some guy named Aldi so we all called it Aldi’s lol.

Kulinary Kreations says:

Yeah that pizza looks past it’s prime, but good review. TFS :))

ryan f says:

Thats sad ! Looked really good ! The Lotzza Motzza Brew Pub Pizza is probably one of my favorite frozen pies available. Dunno if its a regional frozen pizza

Allen10390 says:

I like the take and bake pizza from Walmart. it is the same xl pepperoni with the chopped and sliced. maybe you could try that and see if it’s any better.

GotTheMunchiesShow says:

Aldi is a German grocery store. the new distribution center is 2 blocks from my frame shop.

kitty friend says:

I used to live down the street from an aldi and would shop there all the time! … im a fan actually! their cart situation is a little annoying (ours still does the thing where you need to insert a quarter into the cart) haha… but this looks pretty damn good, I might need to swing by aldi soon! i’ll let you know what I think!

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