Sbarro was first opened in NYC in 1956 and are well-known to frequent shopping malls and airports. You’ve probably eaten at one. Well it’s been about 20 years for me; with the death of the retail mall and TSA making me late for flights, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to stop and enjoy this cafeteria-esque “Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust & stuffed pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.”

I’m in Terminal C at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC en-route to my Denver destination, and I wanted to try their NEW! Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli. Come see what I think, and make sure to hit that LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE button! BIG BITE!!!

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Jason Yancura says:

Sorry you had a bad experience at sbarro, my local mall has one in the foid court and its pretty good. At least the Italian food that i have gotten there is. I can’t say that I’ve ever had the philly stromboli. Like the honest review, and safe travels justin.

Christopher Page says:

I would have asked for my money got ripped the F off

Tee Bryant says:

More dough than toppings, which Sucks! I’m just being greedy, keep up the great reviews brother.

csmith6278 says:

Looks like a big pile of shit that explains why they went out business .. should just got loaf of bread

BasedAshKetchum says:

Burnt cheese is the best!!!

pokemon pika says:

Justin u make me cringe man keep on doing u Justin I don’t know how your not embarrassed

BasedAshKetchum says:

Nahh I’ll pass on any airport food lmao good review tho

Exit Strategy says:

My stepsister likes my Pepperoni Stick

BACON boys says:

That thing looked miserable no steak no cheese no onion should of gave it a ZERO POINT ZERO.

David Pollak says:


Greg Peterson says:

Didn’t know they were still around!

Mr FSU says:

Great Video!!!!!!!

The Badcompany Gaming says:

I use to love their cheese pizza back in the day.

Tank says:

What a rip. The only way it might taste good is to order w/double meat and cheese…Way to expensive!!

Anthony Poche says:

Shits just bread .. what a rip off

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong says:

Sbarro just isn’t the same no more but 10 bucks for that

Joshua Brentnall says:

If you’re into sushi! Charlotte airport has a place!!

Layton Minnix says:

I would have taken that back to the counter and got my money back! Man you got robbed right there in front of TSA and everyone! (TRUTH)

Sig Shooter says:

Sbarros pizza was damn good until they removed all of the locations from my area. Goddamn shame

Ed Reid says:

That camera angle gives your noggin the size of the character Megamind…lol..

Alphonzo überluste says:

What’s the opening song? RIP X

Daniel Orama says:

Lol your the man bro!

Shon Ferguson says:

I’m with you man. Sbarro really went downhill and never recovered.

skull clot says:

What a rip off!

Bruh says:

People hate this place but it’s my secret favorite places

Lance Shipman says:

LMAO marijuana sauce…funniest shit ever

ChinoOchoTrez says:

Return that! Wtf! Smh

CJ Cutter says:

Justin traveling the globe!


80th like.

Inez Situ says:

Sbarro was my favorite back thirty years ago at Oakland Mall just north of Detroit. There is a Sbarro location in the mall next to my condo building here in Manila but the food, while certainly okay, is overpriced.

Crystal Roderick says:

Luv the big bite!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Michael Kobitka says:

What a sad sad stromboli. There wasn’t anything hardly in that

MrAnonymous ARL says:

I have a sbarro in my city..havent been there in years.. They just…not all that good. Ive tried their pizza and their top 2 favorite foods and sbarros wont be getting any of my money anytime soon.

Crystal Roderick says:

There’s no escaping that stupid song playing in the background….jus saying, lol….luv ur channel!!!

Mike D says:

Ya that gorilla grape sauce that gas

Candace Cherry says:

Looks yumey

directorbeau says:

Does your chain hang low?

Uncle Chuckles says:

Probably the Best Review that you ever did.. Fantastic

Matthew Wayne Smith says:

Marijuana sauce. Lol

David Mendoza says:

10 bucks?! oh hell naw i would never! I would have gotten just a regular pizza slice.

ras124 says:

theres actually a sbarros remaining in a mall near me in the northeast

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