Hey guys! We think we solved the Chuck-E-Cheese pizza mystery.. Let us know what YOU think about the pizza, do you believe that it’s the dough?

Shane’s video:

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Pubg Master says:

*Just ask for a non cut pizza*

xFlexGod 123 says:

Is the dough

Jade Braun says:

I feel like there’s a little bit of cognitive dissonance going into this tho. Like no matter how many legitimate sources tell you no, you’re still like “idk, you’re lying?”

Faith Kurzberg says:

I thought their pizza also looked sketchy too….

emma Hidalgo says:

Maybe when they cut the pizza is getting cut it lifts up that is what happens when I make homemade pizza

Lanie Miller says:

I saw a video and the Chuck E. Cheese worker said they eat the left over slices instead of throwing it away

Forlorn Games says:

i worked at chuck e cheese they do re use pizza

Annesa Sooknandan says:

The pizza thing only happens in America not Canada

Shai May says:

Maybe they just make slices one by one explaining the doe answer

IamAlien1000 says:

You do know, when a pizza roller cuts through the pizza, from side to side, the pizza slides and that is exactly what the picture of the other peoples looked like.

Audrey Ferrari says:

Chuck E. Cheese have been doing the same thing with other youtubers, when they see that you are recording they will try to find out what you ordered to make it perfect so they don’t look bad. This happened with FaZe Rug when he went with Brennen Taylor.

Master Blaster says:

Osh and Akela are itching to get sued. Are you that desperate for views and content that you come up with this ridiculous accusation? If you really wanted to find out whether the conspiracy theory has any merits, then you could have sought employment in one of the franchises. This is a low blow.

Liz C says:

You guys are soo pretttyyyyy❤️

Røsë Estëllä says:

Am I the only one who’s been watching these Chuck E. Cheese conspiracy videos all day? Now in my recommend is Chuck E. Cheese

Riley Dickinson says:

One of y’all should go work at chucky chess and like see if the pizza is actually like that and quit and spill the tea on ur channel

Christopher Ruiz says:

you know that chucke chesse is showing kids how to gamble

ethereal dreams says:

“iTs ThE dOuGh” bitch i make home-made pizza and the dough is always wonky but they are more even than that

Lisa Maree says:

Chuck E. Cheese and the E is for EXPIREDDD

angela Sanchez says:

6:45 the one with mustache crept his eye on here and the others eye moved omg!!!!!!!

sabikunm says:

so this is a trend now?

Dalia Fakhouri says:

It’s not just the dough. He said «no we don’t do that» rlly fast to not look suspicious. DIDNT WORK HA. AND THE DOUGH CANT GET EACH PIECE TO BE TEN CENTIMETERS DIFFERENT LIKE ..

Abby Miller says:

In America ours are not like that ares is perfect

Komalpreet Dhaliwal says:

bye the way a lot of youtuber did the same video. and they all said that the manger nows u guys are youtuber and he said that make a good pizza that what I think b/c all the video I wacth on youtube that what they said so …

LTK JESS says:

I think they gave your friend a better pizza because later there isn’t much pizza out like you guys said pretty late so maybe they didn’t have lots of pizza to make a full pizza so they did a fresh one? Leave ur comments down below what u think

XxLTR Sumzy xX says:

Anyone else luv Shane Dawson? <3

Miranda Haynes says:

Somebody should go to the worst rated Chuck E Cheese in America

Adryana Porras says:

I want someone to get the same ingredients that they use and make a pizza and see if it turns out like that

Snixxue says:

last time i went to chuck e. cheese’s i do not remember the pizza being all weird. i actually remember it looking like a normal pizza as far as my memory goes :/ (this was years and years ago as well)

Gladys G says:

Bih. I’m *omw* to Chuck E. Cheese

Veronica Zalewski says:

“an American thing” im dying lmfao

Maria Avalos says:


Randumb Life As Me 208 says:

If you stretch doe they should still aline even tho it’s uneven. Like there won’t be and inch of the pieces there would at least be some sort of connecting point. Are the workers and managers not that smart. There would be an arch and I think everyone knows that tbh.

Clexverz says:


Jett wright says:

Thanks for saying I’m gross

Honeycomb Slimes says:

Do they live in Canada? Someone please reply!! ❤️❤️❤️

Deanna A. says:

I work at chucm e cheese and the pizza theory is billshit, atleast at my location

Sage Gaming says:

Lol you know Canada is in America right?i think you meant the United States

Elizabeth Hughes says:

I can’t believe they can even argue that that doesn’t happen. “It’s just the hand made dough” like first of all no. But also what about the cut lines? The pepperonis? At this point, idk how they’re getting away with arguing against this

ari says:

The question is if the pizza recycled then where do all of the no recycled pizza go this theory isn’t real

Aishani M-P says:

It’s because they don’t cut it on the circle thing. So they cut it on something else and put it on the circle server thing. So that is why it doesn’t line up.

Mookshaw Shaw says:

Lol I’m sorry but someone crack the case already it was like a news channel

Jazmine Hernandez says:

It’s the way they arrange the pepperoni on the pie to not cut though it . so you guys won’t ever see a half pepperoni only whole ones It’s for presentation they want to make it look as good as possible ! & i working in the pizza/pie industry I know that the dough has a lot to do with it bc you are trying to make a perfect circle n it’s not easy especially hand tossed pizzas ! IN CONCLUSION THEY DO NOT RECYCLE PIZZA PEOPLE CAN GO TO JAIL AND WOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS BY NOW IF SO !

Zahra Njogu says:

no ones going to talk about how one of the chuck e cheese manicans moved only one eye to the side :O

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