Someone BROKE The Oven Door on the Domino’s DXP Pizza Car!

Time to pull the warming oven door. I hate having to do extra repair because of stuff like this… Let’s get this salvage rebuild project finished!

Music By: DJ Quads


*I am NOT Endorsed nor Affiliated with Domino’s in any fashion.*


jc12r2 1 says:

You look like a mixture of Steven Crowder and Doug demuro

Felice Passaseo says:

Bondo for structural work…. Not sure… U do that up here in canada …they put u in jail

Brian 716 says:

Why keep and add dominoes wraps and logos?

KirchDub L says:

3:37 what’s the song ? nice vibes ….

oscar fonseca says:

Talk about using Bondo incorrectly/improperly.

Bob Dingles says:

dude. go take bodyshop classes for a year or two. you’ll learn so much.

Michael James says:

That would pull out on a frame machine so easily. Thats like a 2-3 hr repair at our body shop. Quick pull hammer and dolly.

Subversive says:

Jordanian from Detroit

Alicia Wilson says:

With the title and the thumbnail I totally pictured the Noid doing it. Bring back the Noid. lol

Charles Carrell says:

Hey Sam. Nice to know your not a hermit!

thisisreallystupid0 says:

It would have been better to cut the piece off the donor and weld it in, probably faster too.

Johnson's World says:

Is that Sam’s girlfriend?

Nicky h225 says:

Im UnSuBiNg CoZ 0f bAnDo

CD S says:

You have used bondo welcome to the dark side have a cookie ; )

Samcrac says:

If any of you guys are or know a franchise owner with a DXP Car please let me know!


Bondo has probs with it never stays the temp of the car so the moyster always pops of after a few years . It is good to use fiberglass when you can holds up longer.

Stalkerx13 says:

I say you go to Dominos pizza in one of your Dominos cars and wearing the Dominos hat. See what they say

backyardbeanaproductions says:

Anyone know the genre of the music used around the 6:20 mark?

Fireteam2479 says:

9:40 Guess that’s why they call him SamCRAC

MarkH10 says:

Use a resirator around that garbage. Safety is our #1 priority.

Philly Repo says:

You didn’t do half bad for not having a lot of experience with body filler. Don’t listen to these idiots saying they are gonna unsub if you use body filler. Do people actually think if you take your car to a body shop with dings or small dents they are gonna get new sheet metal, unreal. There is nothing wrong with using body filler as long as it’s used properly and not to hide poor repairs. if good body filler is used and it is prepped, sanded, and primed properly, it will last for the life of the car. Body filler fails or falls off when it is used wrong or used to hid poor metal work repairs

Derek aka Derek says:

that ford focus

Pier Luc Côté-Rivard says:

You could call your local Domino pizzeria and other parts for your DXP car.
“Hello, it’s for a delivery. I would like to order a DXP door lock without gluten with an extra vinyl decal.”

ddemier ddemier says:

You sir are not a body man. But A for effort.

Christopher Laboy says:

The time it took to you for that you could have cut it out and replaced the the same piece from the donor. # MIG welding …

imProveia says:

What a fun project. Now lets see if YouTube allows me to teleport there. I just wanna pet that chicken! Argh!

Joshua Grullon says:

Bondo is a brand name!

Bruceskyy says:

Unsubbing because of bondo. Also, just a tip homie, use music without vocals

V Sch says:

There was a Dominos Ad before iI watched this video.

Zach-Da-Boss-YT says:

Im subbing because of bondo

burning fortress says:

That Bondo job looks like shit

jonathan mandouma says:

Race fans, rear mounted radiator, and a twin turbo rb25…

Weese says:

YOu should work with a Dominos and do delivery for a day!

Brian Trego says:

Hey sam i know a guy in the body field and that metal might be a new metal called byron steel its really strong but its also brittle once its impacted. Its common on newer cars

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