Spaghetti & Meatballs with Crazy Pizza Bread Featuring Mezzetta

Spaghetti & Meatballs with Crazy Pizza Bread Featuring Mezzetta
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G. L. Mezzetta, Inc., commonly known as Mezzetta is a California food processor that packs olives, pickled peppers and other pickled vegetables in glass jars for retail sale. They also pack and sell wine-based pasta sauces under the Napa Valley Bistro brand name.

The privately held company is headquartered at 105 Mezzetta Ct., American Canyon, California. It occupies a 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) plant built in the 1990s in the Green Island Industrial Park at the northern edge of American Canyon. The company says it selected that location because of the favorable business climate in American Canyon. In 2011, after over a year of negotiation to expand operations with the city, the company indicated that it may move future growth to another state.

A gift basket of various Mezzetta products
The company was founded in San Francisco by Italian immigrant Giuseppe Luigi Mezzetta and his son Daniel in 1935. Originally, the company distributed imported specialty food items to delicatessens and restaurants in San Francisco. Ron Mezzetta, Daniel’s son, began managing the company in 1973. Mezzetta began packaging and distributing its food products for retail sale in 1980. In 1993, Mezzetta purchased Kona Coast Hawaiian Sauces and Marinades. In 1995, the company moved into a new factory in American Canyon, CA. The company is now operated by fourth-generation family member Jeff Mezzetta, who serves as president.

At one time, Mezzetta owned the Tulelake Horseradish brand, but sold that business to Beaverton Foods of Oregon.

Mezzetta’s plant in American Canyon, CA
The company sponsors an annual “Make That Sandwich” recipe contest, awarding a $25,000 first prize.


Bam says:

I wish I knew somebody that can cook like this

berdonburns says:

That looks awesome. Love Paul, he seems like such a nice guy.

Shmop 707 says:

Paul is the Star of these videos ! Meanwhile Ken is an arrogant douchebag and should just shut the fuck up

Martina Lola fraser says:

yummy I could so go for this meal iv not had spaghetti and meatballs in ages

Pauls Pistols says:

These duets you do with Paul are not reviews, they are cooking shows, nothing more or less, I don’t watch you for cooking shows.

roof pizza says:

No pork and maybe even veal to go along with the beef? C’mon Paul. So yes Ken, you can make changes to improve it.

EpicBerserker says:

I’m so going to make this I love this series

Eric David says:

remember the episode where they cooked faggots?

TericNoah says:

best to brown your balls in skillet then let them simmer in the sauce for a bit, just sayin’

Astolfo says:

Sooo hungry ;o;

Inez Benizri says:

What a great combo, friends, wine, and great dishes with an explanation! Good times..

Dom Tes says:

Ken went from having a “big lunch” to “STARVING” a few minutes later. LIAR!

Tim Tucker says:

pizza boat’s

Gimbrone Bradley says:

is Paul your lover are you married to a woman

Andrew Long says:

Gotta say, you should NEVER put any sort of oil or fat into pasta water. If it boils over, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Isaiah Amial says:

Love the videos man

captian V says:

looks so damm good

Irene Watanabe says:

It looked very good and want to try this recipe tomorrow night for dinner

Mark Moavero says:

Sauce from a Jar?

Fittanbullsson says:

that Hawaii shirt is something

Blaine kelly says:

Loo at the steam rolling off that bitch!!

Kanye West says:

I swear Ken eats like a spastic

craig tiffany says:

Seems to freeze and go out of sync.

Corey Feagins says:

Awesome hat Paul!

Brogre Productions says:

ken arent u breaking any rules by rating the meal since its sponsored?

David Harrison says:

Hey do McDonald’s Big Tasty please 🙂

JustinVee says:

Paul’s a beast in the kitchen makes me hungry every time


fun fact = Himalayan pink salt is not from the Himalayas.

PJW says:

i like this K&P series!

ThatStupid BunnySuit says:

Ken & Paul playing with some meaty balls! Fun.

Robina Kapoor says:

Hello sir how are you I’m new at your channel and I love your videos can please Paul to make chicken gravy for us thank you

Mon PhaengThong says:


fiftyhunnug says:

That looked incredible! I have to try that Mazzetta.

sai teja says:

i wonder if you both can start a restaurant together 😛 …paul can be THE chef and you can be the critic XD

Will Conway Jr says:

when Paul put oil in the pasta water I lost respect for him as a chef.

Mcbear 291 says:

I tried the Mezzetta sauce and it is incredible. I can definitely confirm their review, GO OUT AND GET IT NOW!

MWYANT19 says:

what was the fat content of the beef? sorry i might have missed it… nice video btw!!

Nicklas Jovanovic says:


Travon Martin says:

I can’t handle spice. I try to avoid all spicy things as possible XD

Nicki Hansen says:

“Everybody likes bacon.”

I don’t.

PJW says:

why don’t you guys mix your pasta in the sauce to make it more uniform, instead of just topping the pasta with the sauce?

lovelyamor13 says:

That meal was delicious! Im so freekin hungry now!! Love you guys!!

Nigel Webster says:

could you guys cook Pennsylvania Dutch style pot pie? It could be more simple to make

Kathy McCrory says:

the crazy pizza bread looks amazing

Kam K. says:

sell of

jesus cortez says:

Paul doesnt know how much children he has hahahaha. Great vid guys. Pauls kids are so friggin lukky.

Slime GamingTR says:

mario liked this

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