Starting my own PIZZA EMPIRE with The Mob! | Pizza Connection 3 Gameplay

Let’s Play Pizza Connection 3 Gameplay w/ Falcon. Mamma mia… Long awaited by fans around the world, the new installment of the cult series “Pizza Connection” tycoon management returns!

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In this one shot episode of Pizza Connection 3 gameplay, Starting my own PIZZA EMPIRE with The Mob!

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Darth Man says:

eating a kebab pizza while watching this

Nelliel Tu Oderschvank says:


Trinity Beans says:

pepperoni and sausage

Exidra Love says:


TheMoralKing says:

make more episodes!

MCSzymekpl says:

Guys have you seen a chair in the restaurant moving?

Rikkert says:

wtf is this game ? Its great !

havocgr1976 says:

No way I play this, I ll keep craving pizza ;p

The_Autistic_Gamer says:

I like spinach, provolone, black olives, ham, and pineapples on my pizza

Hiro Kun says:

I was looking for parts 1 and 2, only for me to find out that the number 3 is within the game’s title itself. **FACEPALM**

Randy Gee says:

Plz do more . Haha amazing

Mr. Right says:

Filipino = Philippines

Ramez Alaa says:

Do moreeeee

Arjun says:

You should name your establishment as ‘Pizza on Salami’ since there’s more salami than pizza… your creativity birdman… wow.. just wow 🙂

pocco says:

have you played the original pizza tycoon?

Connor Douglas says:

I like black olives, pineapple, and Canadian bacon, with cheese

The prophet Of the pasta gods says:

I request more of this game please

Mark says:

Could you play buried town, it’s like Day-R but it’s not Day-R so be a nice new game for the channel 😉

Joan Lorenzo says:

Make the stock guy begin one hour before open.

Ari Davis says:

Pepperoni and sausage

Joop Haan says:

Make More

Bob Marley says:

Barbeque sauce with mozzarella, chicken, bacon, green pepper, and onions. Best pizza ever. Also more of the less YouTube tycoon

Nitin Sam Isaac says:


Kathka says:

i love how u pronounce pizza

syko killer says:

I love this game

Jack Deering says:

More please

Antu Vodro says:

Do more vids on this game

Premier league Fan says:

Can you create realistic pizzas like margarita, pepperoni ect

8-bit hades says:


GrowUpFroZa says:

if i dont get moar of this..i will cry

Aatu Rauhala says:

More of this please

Leon77768 says:

Falcon can you put the stocker before the store opens ? Prepare beforehand ?

The Grinning Viking says:

Listen Falone, you need more ants on your pizza.
That said, good series aside from the lack of ants.
(Also, cheese. Fancy cheese.)

Bob Pozdro says:

No cheese? BLASPHEMY

Stelgim says:

Something tells me that putting the stock-boys working hours at the same time isn’t the best solution. Isn’t it better to have them stock up before opening, or do they have to buy stuff as the pizzas get made?

syko killer says:

Play more

CeezyGamer says:

you should make this a series

Cezar Ionescu says:


Thee Youtuber says:

Like the thumbnail ‘; )

Ari Davis says:

Do more plz

Son of A Shepherd says:

Def make this a series, pretty damn funny concept

Phillip Troedson says:

Love this video. Please do more falcon!!!

Princess Moon says:

No matter how dull a game “could” be, you tend to make it really exciting! thank you for your cheer and great commentary. Hope your Easter is full of the cheer, you bring to us. Happy Easter Mr. Falcon <3 I would love to see more of this!!!

Xroin says:

You should do some more of this

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