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Marin Striker says:

Shane never stops talking like if u agree. Like when he says sometimes “listen to her just listen” u try to listen but CANT HEAR ANYTHING because he won’t stop talking how does he breathe like GIRLLL

ashley Herndon says:

Close your eyes 4:16 through 4:30 it sounds like porn

fallen ddasher says:

shanes the type of guy who fucks resses peanut butter cup during vid con

Kari's Small World says:

this is why we watch shane’s videos with headphones

Sally Nutcracker says:

I really can relate when he eats. I feel like that too. I make all the orgasm noises and all. I need to marry a guy like Shane so we can embarrass my kids with the noises hahahaha

Kourtne Townsend says:

Shane can you please react to Little Mix?

Autistic Trash says:

Wish I could go to Pizza Hut

But it went out of business in my town recently


Queen Dawson Shane says:

Hey y’all pray for Shane, nothing’s wrong it’s just that a year later he wears A DIFFERENT SHIRT! I’m SHOOK


Cinnamon twist from dominos are better

Faffs B says:


Jason Honerkamp says:

I love pasta

D.j. Cookie Cat says:

he literally had an orgasm on YouTube XD

IsThatTAyman says:

You got me bitch

Craved HunterIII says:

Is he gay

Fluffy Moon says:

im so sorry but im alerjic to chocolate

Gianna Biscieglia says:

10 mil!

Jonathan Rodriguez says:


Jason Garcia says:

fuck so hungry

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

When I was watching this and Shane was making those sound effects mg friend came in the room and thought that I was watching porn lol

Gaming Frenzy says:

its possible to get a bruise and do nothing I get bruises out of no where and I don’t know why and how im very lazy and im always in my room

Blea ch says:

HAHAHA shut up and feed me

Virginia Barahona says:

I actually do get my pizza and go to my room

Phellyiit says:

That’s my ex salty

Cheddar Cheese says:

You’re the only person I know who has food orgasms

Jordan Orr says:

“Wait, that smells poisonous” *eats the whole thing*

Katie Yearwood says:


Sasha Fernandez says:

Wow, I just noticed Shane never made a video a about little ceasers food…TRIGGERED

Roxanne Sapra says:

I had to turn this video down, and i’m using headphones, because i didn’t want my ‘so’ to think i was watching some sort of crazy porn in the middle of the day whilst sewing, because that would be weird.

mew826 says:

“HAHAHAHA shut up and feed me” -Shane Dawson 2016

Mari Plum says:

fun fact: the pretzel crust is made by using a mixture in a spray bottle then shaking the salt on them before bake. Also their food is 100x better right out of the oven no lie. I used to work there. lol

Nadine x says:

im just watching all these old videos again bc youtube is so boring rn and that was a right decision to make

Virginia Barahona says:

Shane is my spirit animal

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