Testing Shane Dawson’s Chuck E. Cheese pizza theory in real life! Real or fake?

Me and Kenzie go to Chuck E. cheese to test the theory that Shane Dawson made. Is it real or fake?? FIND OUT NEXT.

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Track: Arc North – Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina)
Link: https://youtu.be/kSmMOsJmkfs


Johanna Rueda says:

U guys moved the pizza to be uneven

Carol Jenny says:

Why do you young people EAT this recycled pizza at all? Why don’t you take it to the manager and INSIST that he cook you a FRESH pizza and that you will CUT it yourself? What kids have COUGHED on this pizza and what employee has once again touched it and put it on that pizza pan? This is a HEALTH CODE SUPER VIOLATION.

the d&A chats , stories and gameplays says:

*what size would u like?* me: *large please*
Get only half large!!


4:23 that the moment that he knew he F$#@ up

crazy slime girl says:

My mom works at chuck e cheese. She quit her job because the comparison theory is true

XxGachaSamanthax X says:

Think the manager tell all the workers to just say that they don’t recycle the pizza.

Awesome Unicorn says:

One of you guys should get a job to see if it’s actually true

Kierstan K says:

That one tiny piece , looks like it is from a personal pizza :/

Wyatt Briggs says:

Ahhhh I just ate there

Avakin Sisters says:

You pushed a half of the pizza up. Nice try

Kermit says:

I might test this theory

ᔕᑌᔕᗩᑎᗩ ᔕOᒪIᔕ says:

Get a job and then you will see if they do reuses the pizza

Music1986 Love says:

That face of chuck e is scary

Isabella Grace says:

I wonder if the drinks are also re used

SaltyHobo 69 says:

At this point they are just making pizzas like that just to get people to buy and come to their place

Gerardo says:

*Is this occult* , because they were all chanting Chucky names I’m dead LMAOOOOO

edmyr vespucci says:

the pizza does have a weird proportion… but i think cooking does changes sizes of the pizza and its also how they slice them too can cause uneven sizes.

sun rxses says:

*this weather is Whorrible*

Big slapper says:

Lol when you slander an entire company by making a fake video for views #subscribe

Pug Official channel says:

That’s why my Chuck E. Cheese has allot of cheese

Jenessy Avila says:

this theory is not true my pizza is all ways even they do this to aludlts because chuck e cheese is for kids and knw about hanes vid 🙂

Jimmy Caraway says:

Your so desperate for views that you make trash fake vids maybe if you would make good vidios then people would watch you more

Nacha HC says:

I actually started believing chuck e cheese but seeing this changed it like wtf

Avakin Sisters says:

Shane probably didn’t come up with this theory.. so stop hating on him

Legit. Lily says:

No stop your walking into a trap ahhahahahahahaha


8:03 you can tell she’s lieing she seems very nervous and keeps blinking as if she’s getting anxiety lieing about the situation

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