The Grossery Gang Bug Strike Series 4 Action Figures and 16 Pack

The Grossery Gang Bug Strike Series 4 Action Figures and Tank 16 Pack toy review from Squirrel Stampede. Three Grossery Gang Action Figures from Moose toys; Putrid Pizza, Dodgey Donut, and Fungus Fries, each with a Special Attack! The Grossery Gang Bug Strike 16 Minis Tank Multi-Pack, with 2 Exclusive Night Ops Glow in the Dark Grosseries!

Found USA retail, Toys R Us, Target $6.99 Action Figures, $17.99 16-Multipack.


Ski Vacation 1, 2, 3
Whimsical and Playful 1
Spider Juice


Peashooter Pizza says:

a sharpner is what you use to shapen penseles this is spell wrong cuz I’m rushing

Soybean194 says:

Please review the other 6 figures
Capt. Lice Cream
Grot Dog
Arak Attack
(these are wave 2)
Gooey Chewie
Grub Sub
Trash Head


Mon trainer ash D says:

Sharpener means electric pencil sharpener

Peyton Thomas says:

I’d love a crapple pie.

Amanda Onsurez says:

How to say something

Highvoltage says:

One of your groceries has a star on its hat the other one doesn’t

Kierag 360 says:

You said you don’t know what a sharpener is in the stationary world

Akira And Erial's Vlog For The Summer! says:

Pizza: Perhaps This Will Shake Your Memory! Pizza: (Smacks With Cheese Whip) Me: XD WTH THIS IS SO FUNNY!

shaun Sons says:

The mini putrid pizza reminds me of hometown huck

Mr. Saturn says:

Great to see some action figures for Bug Strike! I love the imagination with this one

Eduardo Barajas says:


Mario Julian Mendoza says:

Can i have them pls

Trey Huey says:

What Ever.

Sam the Tartan Poodle says:

a sharpener is the thing you use to sharpen a pencil, duh

אנונימית אנונימי says:

Moose toys just keep getting better and better! Shame, their girl toys kinda suck>:(.

max-e gamer says:


SwiftpawWolffox says:

Insect coils are burnt like candles to produce repellant smoke

Mark Wolf says:

Don’t you like the dodgey donut more than the others. When are you going to open other putrid powers.Can I have a double.:)

Ellis Keen says:

Can I have the doubles

Fabiola Angiuano123 says:

can i have the miny groshry i’m frome American 17th ST aparmint 7

max-e gamer says:


Ivetee Juarez says:

(‘o’)/ cool #grossery gang squad

Isma Delrio says:


max-e gamer says:


Taka says:

I thought the fly swatter was ranch dressing.

Otter Ness227 says:

The first bug strike dogey donut was tall and the second version with the attack with the helmet was short

Erick Soriano says:

0:01 to 1:06 lol

rachael rolle says:

Pencil sharpener

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