The Leftover Cold Pizza Taste Test

People try leftover delivery pizza to figure out which one has the best cold pizza.


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Pizza slice seamless pattern
victoria_pineapple / iStock/Getty Images


DeFaux says:

they look more like the flash socks to me tbh

del piero says:

0:35 damn they have identical eyes and they both looked at the same time it was weird

Samantha says:


ininj4killer gaming says:

i love cold pizza and hot because i love pizza and im fat

Orlando Castro says:

Cold pizza best recovery meal after a 3 day drinking spree

gypp3d says:

that guy is an idiot

Hannah Matthau says:

it’s not so much the pizza as the animal products that are even worse..

Axel Gustafsson says:

why dont they have pizzaerias in America? they are sooooooo much better than theese fast food pizza chains

i Destiny2359 i says:

I love how that one guy was so confident on what pizza it was. like its Papa Johns and he’s like, “it’s dominoes” and then it’s dominoes and he’s like “it’s know what this is. yes I know exactly what this is. it’s Little Ceasars”

Haroldo Domingo says:

I dont like these people other than the long hair dude with the beard and the guy with the short hair and short beard

Jumin Han says:

Why are they always so obsessed with getting the brand right? If it tastes good, so what?!

dilfo snaggins says:

caseys cold pizzas the best

Thelegend27 says:

“İ know what this is”. İ know what this is already. Says little ceasars

sethious1 says:

Wish i could say I was a fan of Papa Johns pan pizza…but it’s burnt to hell everytime I get it :/

ItsaRandomista says:

I think this is the NY Buzzfeed crew… I like how the LA crew is more animated/lively

TheBagBalm says:

Costco cold pizza is king

Crystal L says:

im eating cold dominos pizza rn after drinking 10000 glasses of wine, i have to say it is just fine with a little ranch

Emily Bryson says:

Your papa j’s pizza looks like our pizza huts pizza, and ur pizza huts pizza looks like our papa j’s pizza

Vyen Trang says:

I like leftover cold pizza

ininj4killer gaming says:

the best cold pizza is either dominos or little ceasers

Brad Feng says:

good cold pizza is sweetish sauce and “hard” cheese, where it isn’t like super together and it breaks apart


i ld rather get cold pizza then after day soggy pizza

Starynignt says:

Buzzfeed before: oh hey it has my favorite people in this video

Buzzfeed now: who are you people!??!

Vanessa G. says:

What’s Jesus doing in this video

Alyssa Headlee says:

I find that the better pizza is hot, the worse it is cold

qthoshi says:

Aw man I could have done that test and passed!

Enkuush M says:

this is blatantly sponsored by papas

Fubs says:

hate dominos. No matter how good either pizza is, the employees are always rude and trashy no matter which location I go to. I’ll order pizza from pretty much anywhere other than dominos.

Tommaso Carabelli says:

i don’t know how people can even think it’s a pizza (i’m italian)

honestharry says:

white guy say “garlic na an” whaaaaa

Marion Bauwit says:

People say “BuzzFeed is running out of ideas.” so much, that now commenters are running out of ideas.

Megan Yuen says:

Warm Soft Drinks Taste Test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babyjevvv says:

these people make me feel weird and awkward haha

Francisca Gonzalez Sirett says:

Bearded guy: “pizza is beautiful”
Me: *you are beautiful*

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