The Pizza Car is Being Demonetized! *I wish this was Clickbait*

To Win the Cube Camera/Copy of Mechanic Simulator:
1. Be subscribed
2. Like this video
3. Comment below
4. Be in the USA (FOR CAMERA), EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE for Mechanic Simulator (copy on Steam)


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antjuan bacon says:


Steve C says:

I don’t think this has to do with the pizza company directly, but the fact they (pizza corp) raised a stink to begin with started the process.
I suspect the automated software program YouTube utilizes has “flagged” you for scrutiny of your subsequent videos.
They should have their tech support manually correct this glitch, seeing you are innocent of any wrongdoing.

dave condy says:

The problem is YouTube has no competition.

Brooks Braml says:

First, I’d like to say YOU SUCK (i.e. I am jealous) I wish I could be doing this. Second YOUTUBE sucks (seriously). I’ve seen videos and posts about youtube screwing with people for stupid reasons, like yours. Can’t wait for the updates on the white chevy

Michael Ciha says:

Demonetized? That sucks!
Giveaway?! That’s awesome!

badcatvideo says:

you have great content

jimsclay says:

Hell yes. Keep it up brother. Awesome

jimsclay says:

Call it the d car or the p car.

thenerferboy says:

Hey samcrac I love your videos they are amazing and thought full I would love to win the givaway

Samcrac says:

I really don’t think this has as much to do with the Pizza Company! Anyway, if I select you as a winner I will reply to your comment! Make sure you have notifications on so you can claim your prize. BTW BangGood is hooking up the Pizza Car with a super hilarious mod… Can’t wait!!!

multiram50 says:

Like your videos I am getting back into the car flipping and looking into going to copart as well as the public auctions I normally go to.

Minecraft Pocket edition elite says:

Heyyy, i love your videos, i wish you good luck on finishing the Pizza car i will be waiting for more of the repair videos for the pizza car! I am excited to be entered to win a car mechanic simulator 2018 is what i would like to enter to win for. Have a great day!

Stefan Maksic says:

Keep going Sam! A lot of things to learn here about buying repairing and finding parts for salvage cars.

Spoofifi says:

Seems like it is just a youtube issue that is going to continue to happen and maybe looking at outside companies for sponsorship with you videos would help!

ZRGaming says:

Actually there are groups of trolls going around and reporting videos for the fun of it.

ProGlenHD says:

Really enjoying the DXP car content been a fan for ages.

jakezarkowski says:

I would like the copy please thsnks

Zachary Gilley says:

i’m gonna go with a solid “yeehaw” and hope i win

lal5555f says:

I love these project videos! I just bid on a car myself at copart and I’ve found a matching flood car! Haha

Jonpaul Bielarczyk says:

Thanks for all the time and energy you put into your videos. Happy holidays!

Jim Evans says:

Hopefully Pizza car makes you at least some money.

Sandy Fleur says:

The pizza car, delivering 1000 views in 24 hours or its demonetized!

Patrick Casey says:

I like free stuff

Hidalgo631 says:

Awesome giveaway

Liam McBride says:

Set up a patreon

Steven Young says:

A few options for combating demonetization:
1. Patreon
2. Livestream occasionally
3. vidme

zed91 says:

Hope Youtube fixes the adpocalypse. They were SHOWING ADS when I watched.

Stephen Cavagnaro says:

I’m in for the giveaway 😉

Bad Driving in PA says:

Sorry you’re having trouble with YT……..keep up the good work!

EarnedLoyalty says:

your videos Rock!! keep it going.

wolffather11 says:

Love the pizza car vids

Bebe Reyes says:

this video has an ad .i’m watching this 4 days after upload.

darkrocker246 says:

It’d be nice to win something but even if I don’t I wanted to thank you for the content. I recently discovered the channel and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

Mikolaj Stachura says:

There must have been a algorithm change few weeks ago. I experience the same thing on the last few videos I uploaded.

Justin Fender says:

Thanks for the giveaways, sorry people can’t live and let live.

Sinjin Sharma says:

*Gives Dominos free advertising*
Dominos: Screw this guy

antjuan bacon says:


TTR Ron says:

Enter me in both, my brother has CMS 2018 and loves it. I get to play it sometimes on his computer and was thinking of getting the game myself. As for the DXP car, change the name to like Sam’s Pizza or a generic pizza name.

SplashPlay00 says:

I think it is about domino’s logo. Can’t wait for next videos about the pizza car

8-bit Ed says:

You make me want to buy a car and fix it up. I have one I can fix up now, so maybe i will start with that… 🙂

Kylesink2 says:

Love your videos keep it up + would love a code

Jess Simpson says:

Hope I can win!

Andrew A says:

liked, subbed, commented. These videos are great, if youtube doesn’t fix this, a new platform must take its place.

acedriver1997 says:

Hey so can I have one please? Lol

Oakland Art says:

I always enjoy your content!

Chuck Talley says:

I LOVE your videos and always look forward to them, keep up the great work!

ramiro says:


Thomas Myers says:

Sorry to hear about the demonetization issues. I know it’s a small consolation but at least you have gained more viewers by doing this car. It’s what specifically brought me to the channel.

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