These Pizza Hut Shoes Will Order Pizza For You…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video –

These Pizza Hut sneakers (Pizza Hut Pie Tops) have the ability to order pizza at the push of a button. They connect to an app on your smartphone and deliver pizza to your location. These Pizza Hut sneakers are incredibly limited and I’m told my pair is one of only sixty-four. The might be the coolest shoes on the planet!

These Pizza Hut sneakers were designed by the Shoe Surgeon in LA.

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Keziah Kisner says:

This is insane im speachless

V3ctor.lulz. Anon says:

Your behavior at the start reminds me of a less violent Trevor Philips

Assads Spanker says:

He was determined on not letting you know Jack is a person that can be invited to share Pizza. Watching these old videos after the Jack Reveal has a nice different flavour now. You pay attention more to how Lew is acting to keep you wondering rather than you wonder if Jack’s one person or even a robot.

Christian Atkinson says:

dumbest idea ever

Ylva 0,0 says:

How do you get these shoes?

Julio Aguilar says:

You are so Lucky love all your videos

Bigg Seal says:

All these techs and there’s still no cure for AIDS…we wanna f**** freely…okay?!

Blue chrystal says:

And people wonder why obesity rate keep increasing
Everything is so convenient

TJ Ellis says:

i want the phone that makes the pizza from a shoe…

Nick Looney says:

Super rare gonna be worth some money one day

brian wilson says:

That sucks they should of made millions of those shoes I want a pair

Fastbuilder says:

Make that 63. What’s inside cut it open for no reason, it’s just like a regular shoe

Gum Ball_liighting says:

Them shoes are nice

Anndrea Cameron says:

Where can my sister and I buy these

king of the hill awa says:

Feel like eating pizza

SinchKarp 567 says:

(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

WafflesAreAwsome 69 says:

It’s the future

Unbox Therapy says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video –

Logan Valentine says:

Disliked because its false advertising. You still have to comfirm on your phone.

Eccentric says:

I’ll take 20

MichaelDieMarch says:

*imagine wearing those at school*

RobinR87Khelzun says:

I want those shoes!

ThisIsNotHarvey says:

These look tight

Jon dow says:

Y’know what also instantly orders pizza? Ordering pizza on your phone.

oWeaverr says:

Wendys – MIxtape
Pizza Hut – Sneakers
McDonalds –

that’s what I thought

Diego Acosta says:

# 15, Pizza Hut’s Pizza Ordering Shoes. The last thing you want on your pizza hut pizza, is somebody else’s Pizza Hut’s Ordering Shoes. That’s probably what you’re gonna get. According to this man there are only 84 or 64 pairs in the world. So those of you who like Pizza Hut’s Pizza, go to Dominoes instead.
TY if you read all of this.

birdycod yt says:

i wanna kill my self i did not get it

Sierra McLean says:


Franklyn Grullon says:

Lmao. This video was great

Bhumsiri Boonyarujirada says:

Why i need this f***ing sneaker to order my pizza?

ffj gd says:

good video

Dan Persaud says:

Tim Hortons isn’t even Canadian anymore it’s owned by Burger King or Wendy’s or some crap lol


U flyer than Marty mcfly~

Jr Simpson says:

I Work For Pizza Hut And Can’t Even Get Those Shoes

Marvi Marv says:

Epic. Those are some next level shoes.

Daniel says:

Only 1 problem. It’s Pizza Hut

J Day says:

Looks like they were made in 1993 and they decided a use for them just now.

Mc Donald Van eyck says:

¿¿¿¿¿¿Ey lu are u Eva going to unbox a top of range SONY XPERIA SMART DEVICE WE WANT TO KNOW Y U HAVE NOT TOUCHED SOOONY YET¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

the undead1 says:

Ummm, I got nothing.

ThisIsNotHarvey says:

I don’t understand the hate for these. They look mad fresh and I ain’t talking pizza

Marquis Miraculous says:

Shoe surgeon is the champ lol really original concept/shoe….

MackinShizzaveli #WeWasCavemen says:

I don’t think that was a pan pizza but whatever

EM says:

who else wants foot tumors.

N L says:

How much money is pizza hut paying this dude?


He eats the pizza with his dirty handa

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