This Dog Begs For Pizza at Pizza Shop Is Foiled By His Own Tag

This dog named El Jefe, obsessed with pizza in Little Caesars, Mexico City came to light after a woman named Estrella CR shared his picture on Facebook.

Credit: Estrella CR

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Nick Montoya says:

Oh my God, thy thats a funny dog tag.
Dog is thinking: CURSE YOU HUMAN…..I’ll poop in ur shoe later

Drex Ferguson says:

The owner of a small bookstore near me has a sign on her complimentary water cooler regarding her cat that she allows to wander in the store… it reads something like this “Please do not give the cat water, she’s not thirsty just nosey”.

robert murphy says:

I’m laughing so hard… too dam funny and smart..he knows where to hang out…and I bet he looses that collar…..

Zola Barbie says:

That is hilarious

Truth Inspector says:

Give him pizza!

Tilly Too says:

Maybe the owner should keep his fucking dog in his property? Not wandering around waiting to get hit by a car

Emma Lopez says:

Yo quiero taco bell guagua

red tomatoes says:

Any Italian food will do.

Eric Rangel says:

Its true pizza is bad for dogs but who can resist that face.

Claire Kincaid says:

That’s just too cute and so adorable

slowpoke96z28 says:

He belongs to the owner of a sex shop? They probably don’t feed him worth a crap anyway…

Carrot T says:

The power of knowledge

ericlogos says:

Buy him a burger then instead.

Dave Jenkins says:

It’s called YouTube” not fukin image tube,,,, if I want an image, I’ll reed a book

S.L. S.L. says:

Must be good pizza

giggityfish says:

The problem with giving animal human food is some food can be deadly and it can make them obese

Dddelta Rampock says:

mY NaMe iS JeFf

Brian Pierson says:

El poocho grande’!

aliciabrillante says:

Poor pup hehehehe

NickyB 75 says:

Give him regular dog treats, don’t ignore him!

Highlander15 says:

We usually give our dogs just the crust sometimes. A little of people food won’t kill them and trust me they’ll ‘take the hit’ in regard to the health aspect. 🙂
Like if you could speak dog and inform them eating bacon everyday will kill you in 5 years, but no bacon could prolong your life to 15, ….most would still happily choose bacon. 🙂

Angela Patterson says:

How sweet.* Lovable lug.

Tranquil Waters says:

This Pup needs an intervention lol!

Ol lac says:

Another who bite the dust

Benjamin Castillo says:

That dog hates being around dildos and butt plugs all day.

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