This Is Why Costco’s Pizza Is So Delicious

Thanks to its 750 locations and $1 billion annual food court sales, Costco is frequently cited as one of the nation’s biggest pizza chains. Sure, the retail giant’s ridiculously inexpensive $1.50 hot dog and soda deal gets all the attention, but Costco is a real pizza contender.


Ben Tot says:


MosinDisciple says:

Jesus could you make your guerilla advertising any more obvious? WTF is this channel aside from barely disguised ads for fast food outlets

Liam Hobbs says:

This is the first youtube video I ever disliked. NEVER call a pizza a ”Pepperoni Pie” again. EVER!

Calix Lor says:

What about sams club?

brett nieto says:

As a former Costco food court employee I can still say that Costco has the best pizza. Also ask for meat lovers, it comes with bacon, sausage, and pepperoni!

666DW says:

The pizzas at U.K. Costco warehouses are shockingly made, undercooked and tasteless!

David H says:

Okay, I’m a Costco junky for more than 20 years. (I don’t like their laundry detergent, but that’s about it). Heading there tomorrow, I’ve heard about, but never tried their pizza. 2 bucks, I can handle that. Plus I get a rebate

socalcraigster says:

To get more crispness of crust pre cook the crust for a few minutes.

christopher kibler says:

Costco pizza tastes horrible. Not sure where this person is eating

Psychic Dove says:

Can they make them vegan and gluten free please

Alex Ungerbuehler says:

this said nothing about the flavor of the pizza just preparation of it

socalcraigster says:

Their crust sucks!

Planet of Adventure says:

looks like shit.

Charles Calderon says:

Ha ha, I just had a slice then wondered why ???

Quantum Aquatic says:

It’s just the hype of rich old people

Aurora Lara says:

costco food court food looks unnatural

McYøu says:


Braedon Belair says:

I’m getting pizza in like, 10 minutes

Atticus Mayne says:

costco ain’t that great, most genuine pizza places are better

00f nani says:

Someone call in Gordon Ramsay in here
Gordon : “Is this pizza fresh or frozen?”
Worker : ” We do technically use 10 month aged parmesan cheese.”
G: “Fucking disgusting”

Unknown Man says:

Nothing stops sams clubs hotdogs and their coke icy drinks.

Name change says:

If you want it crispy, take it home and put the pizza in the oven.

CrunchyWater [ICE] says:

I swear the costco sponsorship is missing from my video

niceguy60 says:

Damn this pizza is good

sans says:

Who else thought there was gonna be some nasty things involved with the pizza. I dont know

Jstevensdk7 says:

Your crazy, It is the most hellish pizza ever, 7-11 and circleK pizza is better.

YEET Man says:

It isn’t tho

Total Redline says:

Hey! Sam’s adds more pepperoni on the pepperoni pizza over 64 pieces! And we brought back the Polish dog Costco neglected…

Mashed says:

Where do you go when you want the absolute best pizza?

preparedlife says:

OK so here are the details to the comments like why it’s soo cheap and why they throw out the food. I worked at Costco for 2 years and had to work the food court. The reason it’s cheap is because it’s meant to be an attraction to bring you in and an amenity to customers. Costco doesn’t make any money on the food. They break even so you’ll get good quality food for cheap. Second, after every night they throw out all the food and employees don’t get to take it home because it’s considered stealing and they will fire you. Don’t ask how I know lol they are not allowed to give it away because they have been sued by the very people they give it to. Also Costco is probably the cleanest place you can get food from. At the end of every single night they scrub down the whole kitchen.

jesuriv1 says:

Robots! Working the jobs that Americans won’t do!

Bobby Ballsack says:

Stand in line and demand a KFC stacker then a big Mac

peeprz boi says:

There I watched it YouTube, now get it off my recommended!

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