Top 10 McDonald’s Menu Items We Wish They’d Bring Back

The first McDonald’s was opened on May 15, 1940, by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. When it first opened, McDonald’s was a barbecue restaurant and in the early days, they had 25 items on their menu. However, at the end of World War II, the brothers realized that 80 percent of their sales were hamburgers. So they shut down the restaurant for a few weeks, and reopened with a smaller menu that had just nine items: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, three soft drink flavors available in 12-ounce cups, milk, coffee, potato chips, and pie. The idea behind the new store was to focus on speed and lower prices.

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10. Chopped Steak Sandwich with Onion Nuggets
9. Fries in Beef Tallow
8. Fried Pies
7. McLobster
6. Super Hero Burger
5. The Arch Deluxe
4. Chicken Selects
3. Mega Tamago
2. Eggs Benedict McMuffin
1. Pizza

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Airhammer says:

McDonald’s pizza was great and affordable. I can still remember the taste and texture. We had it in BC, Canada up until the late 90s.

Alec Sabin says:

For your Mega Tamago you are over complicating it, as they will still make it for you as a secret menu hack. ask for a quarter pounder with bacon and lettuce, and have them add an egg and you have the mega tamago enjoy

TnseWlms says:

A Ripley’s Believe It Or Not comic book from the seventies said, the snack bar of a movie theater in Iowa sold more pizza in one hour than all McDonald’s combined in 25 years.

Wolfie Kohaku says:


TeamPendragon says:

I remember, as an early teen in Canada, the promotional campaign for McDonald’s Pizza. The ads talked about how they tried many types of cheese, etc. until they found the ideal recipe. Needless to say I had high hopes. And boy, was I disappointed. I think I only had it once.

Arcanua the Red Mage says:

Eww Chicken Selects we don’t want those back they got rid of them because they made so damn many people sick.

Joanne Henry says:

Mcdonalds in Ireland deep fry their apple pies

Just Imagine says:

Those McNuggets that were “International”?  Which was just 4 additional sauce combos you could choose.  And yes, Szechuan sauce!

Dawna Lilly says:

i wished they wouldbring back the mcdlt i loved that

Heather Moore says:

The onion nuggets sound amazing! Can we just get those, and forget about the steak sandwich please?

Jeremy Speciale says:

I watch y’all every day and really enjoy it!

trashcanhands19 says:

Indeed folks, SZECHUAN SAUCE

Justin Eidenier says:

Can’t help but think the kelp binders in the McLean wouldn’t be as big a crisis today as when everyone stuck their noses up at it then. It was actually a really tasty burger as I remember.

Broken Bridge says:

The egg’s Benedict sandwich and the Pizza I’m only very, very mildly interested in seeing returning but that could be just me

iWhacko says:


Marie Mcintosh says:

You still get chicken selects in Hartlepool

The Tyler Dunbar Show says:

Will McDonald’s ever bring back the McDLT Burger

Eric Von Dumb says:

Never understood vegetarians. Claim they don’t eat meat products, but will eat the ass out of any fish. Didn’t know fish are veggies.

MrDusRam says:

The pies in that form are still around in Germany, suckers

Game Knop says:

in the netherlands they need to bring back the apple pie

Mae Live says:

Chicken selects are still in Britain

Jo B says:

I’m in Canada, we only had personal pan pizzas not actual pizzas. They were awesome and I miss them!

Envoy says:

No Chocolatey Chip Cookies, orange drink, original ketchup before Heinz, McDLT, fajitas………

1963Iota says:

Bring back the McDLT!!!!!!

packerd00 says:


Devine Massage says:

They have chicken tenders in US. It’s basically the same as chicken selects.

Eric McJilton says:

I hear they’re actually bringing back the Arch Deluxe.

HmbV15 says:

Stop promoting junk food

Joshua Daniels says:

#4: Selects
I worked at McDonalds in ’09 and ’10. They sold horribly. I personally think it was solely due to the price because they were delicious!

Jay-N'-Seb says:

why no Szechuan sauce, seriously why?

Nick Cuckelby says:

9 more seasons, Morty! I gotta get that dipping szehuan sauce!

shannon martin says:

I worked in McDonald’s and they still fry the pies… everything not cooked in the grill is dumped in the fryer, oh the bacon goes in a “steamer” have fun with the knowledge pies go in the same place as the fries

sherbetthesquid says:

who`s hungry

Ever last says:

Chicken Selects still hear in the UK

Isis Blackfeather says:

Taco Bell’s Caramel Apple Empanada is so much better than McDonald’s fried pies ever were.

Curt Dare says:

I know they have McRib occasionally. I want McRib’s when I want McRib’s.

Hairy Heartsmith says:

I misd to arch deluxe. It was the best burger I ever had at McDonald’s.

Rob G says:

LOVED the pizza

chris arthur says:

the MC DLT!!

TechnicalLee says:

I want chicken fajitas to come back.

Darren Vincent says:

just had some selects, still going strong in the uk

Le 'Boin says:

Spicy Chicken Mcbites With Szechuan Sauce

George McGovern says:

Well, is McDonald’s begins serving single slice pizza…we know they watch Simon’s channel.

funinthesun says:

I want McDonald’s now.

Alex Bell says:

I work at McDonald’s. The pies are still Deep Fried

Roman Tressler says:

The fried pies come back every so often. I service their fryers, and we almost always have to go out and shoe them how to program the fryer if it was never programmed before or how to find the item in their preprogrammed options.

Kevin Hewitt says:

I miss lots of the past menus but the McDLT was the best.

NewLife says:

In Australia apple pies are still deep fried

ladycplum says:

Nothing compared to biting into an apple pie and getting the entire inside of your mouth scorched. Eggs Benedict McCumberbatch.

sherbetthesquid says:

in the UK you can get chicken selects

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