Watch this Domino’s manager get himself fired by telling customer to “Go F**k” herself

When Saginaw, Michigan, resident Eric Promenchenkel ordered a Pizza from the State Street branch of Domino’s he never expected to end up on the local news.

But that is what happened when his pizza arrived and instead of ‘white’ sauce he got light sauce.

He called to complain, speaking to the manager Chris Bernier, who then hung up on him – not once, but twice.

So Eric’s girlfriend’s mom went to the store to complain in person and what happened next was caught on camera.

Bernier, obviously having a bad day, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at the unhappy customer.

The recording of the exchange went viral job and Bernier ended up losing his job on Monday after the local media picked up on it.

A shame, considering he had recently been featured on local news for boosting business with his innovative and amusing shop signs.

Just goes to show you can’t have an off day when someone’s wielding a mobile phone.


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pissedoffguy45 says:

They served me a raw pizza.Never again will I eat their shit!!!!

Fox Moulder says:

1:40 your one to talk bitch, probably folded laundry and watched oprah most of her stay at home wife life

Bre Fujimoto says:

WTF? a job is a job, fuck that lady


He is a fucking asshole.
But no need for Job Shaming! even if he is 40 or 50 yo! she insulted anyone with that job on his age!! she didn’t insult him personally!!

Chris Miller says:

He said bring it in I did he laughed and still refused to replace it nor refund me so I am left to go hungry for the night thanks alot dominos

Calvin Mills says:

that could of been me, I work in this industry . Managers at dominos work alone a lot. A manager will commonly have to work the whole the store all by him self. That includes making the food, answering the phones, cutting the pizza’a, and ect.

Kevin Mora says:

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, and fuck you, I’m out.

immortalwolf6 says:

Haha prick deserved to be fired.

Chuck Bramble Jr says:

That dumbass manager is my nephew. He’s a complete di(k. He’s

sz42781 says:

It’s fucking dominoes. Your ordering from a pale that sells frozen crackers, bad on you

Vincent Eberwein says:

What did they film this with, a potato?

Dont look at my picture profile says:

The real crime is that whoever recorded it was filming it vertically

R E says:

it must be so so hard for him to make a pizza right, and to get the order right!

Shao Yu Mai Wang says:

Not sure why anyone would want to fight with someone who is going to make them food. It’s one thing to say a mistake was made and see if they will make you something else, but pizzas in particular require a lot of handling. Do you really want someone who’s pissed off at you making your food? God knows what they would do to it.

bjornsi borgsi says:

I’m not cool with this mother stripping him down like that. He works hard, he’s the general manager, not just flipping burgers. He makes your fucking food, that goes into YOUR stomach. So fuck off lady, get the fuck outa heeeeee.

Remembering 1992 says:


sagrammyfour says:

She is a shit-stirrer. I fee sorry for employees who have to take insults all day long from people like her. I bed that this woman causes trouble everywhere she goes. Sure, the poor employee has to take it and take it, but sometimes they just get fed up being treated like trash.

Judo Johnny says:

No you just fucked yourself lost your shit job now your 40 and living with you Mom.

ApplyUrBrain says:

Love it, love it, love it! So glad the showed this bully’s face; maybe it will stun him into some kind of awakening. As for the description notes that call this an “off day,” I’m not sympathetic. Most people don’t behave like a 40-year-old child throwing a fit when they have a bad day. And good grief, you work in retail and you can’t take a reasonable complaint? And by the time the customer drives back to the store after you hung up on him twice, you STILL haven’t managed to cool off and re-think? Besides all this… a sorely lacking understanding of how to run a business.

Todi Firdaus says:


tombear31 says:

I’m not in a pizza sauce I mean pizza outfit

al videos says:

“light” sauce? I know what white sauce is, wtf is “light” sauce?

Red Guy says:

I would’ve laughed if the supervisor or whoever was higher than the manager came out and said
“yeah ma’am your son is a moron and you are retarded so get the fuck out”
then the supervisor and manager would high five each other and do a fist bump…

alejandro says:

that lady was doing so good why degrade the job

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