Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the KettlePizza Pro 22 the Best Pizza Grilling Kit

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The KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit transforms kettle-style charcoal grills into wood-fired ovens.

RECOMMENDED: This kit converted our Weber charcoal grill into a pizza oven that sent temperatures inside the dome above 900 degrees, allowing us to crank out impressive restaurant-caliber pizzas. Its tombstone-shaped baking stone and custom-grate replacement have openings in the side that made adding more coals and wood chips easy, letting us keep the temperature in the optimal range and crank out multiple pizzas. A “fire basket” held wood chips right next to the baking stone, ensuring crispy, charred crust with wood-fired flavor.

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Bill y says:

plumbers blowtorch. trust me.

QuickQuips says:

I’d like to see this compared to a slab of A36 steel. If stuck inside a Kamodo grill, the temperatures should be insanely hot.

Martin The Orange says:

it definitively seems like a paid promo, as you usually compare a lot more products from many brands… I’d love to see a pizza plate review, but not in this format. I miss the pros and cons, other brands and models..

jahid nazrul says:

but Italian pizza is good

VirtualLife says:

Nice 900. Ya, baking pizza in conventional oven, can’t get the pizza to nice puffy dark golden brown edges without drying out the pizza. It comes out reasonably good if u bake it to about 90% done then finish off the last 3-4 mins in broiler. Creates a nice browning.

GildaLee27 says:

ATK used to be non-commercial, just excellent, tested cooking advice. Now it’s sell, sell, sell. Sad.


Food Finessa says:

Please subscribe to my channel; I make cooking videos, too! I am trying to reach my goal of 400 subscribers. Thank you 🙂

Jonathan Hughes says:

Very cool looking product. I’ve just started making pizzas on my gas grill using a 14″ stone. Gets to 700 and I actually feel like it’s too hot. I make thin crust pizzas with it and after 2 minutes I get a perfectly marbled crust on the bottom, but not as much browning on the top as I’d prefer. After 3 minutes or so the bottom is completely black and charred. How fast do the pizzas cook in the KettlePizza Pro at 900F? I really wish I had a big pizza oven with those long peels so I could pick up the pizza after the crust is done, but still let the top brown a little more.

Jolene8 says:

OMG! Nearly 250.00 bucks. Yeah right! I’ll just make the pizza on a stone like I was taught. The stone alone costs a pretty penny!
Btw, there’s also a similar stove top apparatus. Has Atk tested it? If so, can anyone share the link? TIA! 🙂 xoxo

David Slone says:

With all the hype that I’ve been reading about the superiority of baking steels over baking stones, I’d be interested in hearing/seeing how this gizmo would work if you swapped out the stone for a steel. Might the crust turn out even better?

robert says:

i bake Digiorno pizza in a regular oven @ 250F for 100 mins, crust is soft and chewy, toppings won’t get dried out. Restaurants can’t do this, due to time constrains.


Primate says:

So, the basket is what boosts the temp by 250 degrees over the Deluxe model?

13soap13 says:

Yikes? America? I don’t think so! Price is conveniently not mentioned. This totally sours me on so-called Americas test kitchen. But they have been going in that direction for some years now ….

Curiosity says:

I guess for someone that has nothing better to do with their money… Extravagance comes to mind… Plenty of people like that out there… Nothing like looking out for the 1%…

Rachel Sweets says:

Love it

Red says:

“20% off winning pizza kit, today only! http://bit.ly/2a1YUyy

So the winning product coincidentally is also being sold on sale? Shady as fuck.

frosted1030 says:

For people that don’t know how to use the broiler function on their oven and like charred crusts?

Trace Gates says:

Cooking at too high a temp usually ends up leaving the center of my dough under cooked, or the dough that is directly under the toppings a little raw. I’m not a fan of “charred” pizza, but I definitely love the cheese and the dough to be browned some.

MoreAmerican says:

Amen. Perfect food.
I found that using my 18″ I get similar results. I just hear the pizza stone to 500 in the oven, Make the pizza on it, then transfer the whole thing onto a smoking hot grill.
Perfect pizza

inquisitor says:

I would love to fill her pizza with my special recipe Italian pepperoni to satisfy the meat-lover in her.

Salvatore Escoti says:

well In italy the PizzaOvens are usualy  about 420 degree Celsius and the Pizza stays not longer than 3 Minute in the Oven!

Ricardo Zalles says:

@America’s Test Kitchen This doesn’t seem to be an unbiased review specially when you are selling the product for “20% off winning pizza kit, today only!”. I love your show and I buy your cooking books but this does not look at the level of your standards of “unassailable reputation.”
I kwow you have change the CEO and sadly I can tell… :/

L Daskaloff says:

I wish hepatitis C medication commercials didn’t come on before every cooking tutorial or review I watch. Thanks for everything, Big Pharma.

Roz Sa says:

00:48. That is not a pizza! its american shit.

Ryan Smith says:

Wonder if this would fit a Big Green Egg?

ShopTalk says:

Be honest though, was this a paid endorsement?

Big Papi says:

Agree ATK should have shown at least one alternative or maybe even a DIY. That said I have a KP22 and it is outstanding. I wasn’t able to find anything else in its class and my DIY”projects” should be labeled “disasters”!

kuhne says:

First, the kettle pizza is great.
Second, the lady on this video has incredible boobs.

claudiaquat says:

900 degrees? Better have a 20 foot peel.

Alex Hutchins says:

why not make your own brick oven?

avalon449 says:

Ridiculous price. Shame on ATK

Ted Godfrey says:

Sorry that was weak!!!!!!!!!!!!    umm  So  like what happened to how you tested it and other more in-depth reviews or is this the new way since Chris left???

helpfulnatural says:

I love my Lodge cast iron pizza pan! I put it in the oven while preheating the oven. After it’s plenty hot, I pull it out, brush it with olive oil then throw on my pizza dough. I pre-bake the crust for about 8 minutes, then take it out of the oven, put on all the toppings and bake again for another 8-10 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and golden. Best pizza pan I’ve ever used! I have much better luck with it compared to using my baking stone.

Paul BBQ says:

Man she’s hot

Rayyan Anwer says:

money , money and just miney , no flippin’ Integrity . . Appliance review , my Arse …

John Texas says:

What a great idea! We all know that America has a real problem with underweight people–this should help them gain another 25-50 lb.

jahid nazrul says:

but Italian pizza is good

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