WOW Shocking footage showing dominos employee buying pizzas from Asda

Dominos worker Buying Pizzas in Asda


Blueberry Boi says:

Get a life..

Vinyl Blair says:

Come on idiots this is funny. It’s a gag

Crusader says:


Liam H says:

I can’t believe the amount of fools in the comment section that actually have to say why it’s fake, just so they feel better about themselves.
Of course it’s fake, you fucking walnuts. You don’t need to have a high IQ to figure that one out.

Deanna Vuong says:

ik its fake buts its so funny! Imagine it happening in real lifeXD

Dizzy Reblexx says:

It’s a Tesco pizza From Asda

Leroy Glass says:

Same guy from the kfc video… he is from trollstation

Lonnie Grace says:

Yeah I figured that domino’s pizza was from the store and then they pretend to be their pizza ! What an freaking disgrace ! That is why I don’t like their pizza anymore because they buy it at a store and cook it and pretend that they made it fresh !

lewisis 15 says:

That’s so fake

Kilkenny plays minecraft and other random stuff says:

Lol who ever made the video is a lmao who cares about a dominoes worker buying pizza

jameshill black says:

It’s a joke a set up trying to be funnn

Max Hey says:

Same actor from the kfc fake one

Lewie Herbert says:


RLH galaxy msp says:

Thryndone 8t with wedges always in asda

Merklethroat says:

Fake and gay

Lewie Herbert says:


Tim Harvey says:

Two puff’s with massive ass holes

mohseneman asim says:

hes a prankster….. he explains it in this video

Neil Ash says:

I used work in Asda for 12 years a Chinese guy used come in buy 20 packs smart price chips

A W says:

Same guy as the KFC one???

Leon McGrath says:

It is fake he’s in the kfc one aswell

- TBL Productions - says:

Your making kfc and dominos lose business do to ur fake vids

Blueberry Boi says:

No one cares

Mitchell Thompson says:

Or is he not working in KFC now you was working in KFC last week when there was no meat

Clonet12 says:

This man can’t hold onto a job yeesh

andymate2006 says:

Ok this is bullshit. Dominos would never do that. Doing this is against company policy. I just saw a video same guy buying a whole heap of wedges. I thought that was real but seeing this I now think this is fake.

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