🍔Steak ‘N Shake – Bacon ‘N Cheese Triple XTREME! Review 🍔

Whitfield’s Food Revue heads to Steak ‘N Shake to Review their new Bacon ‘n Cheese Triple Extreme Steakburger!
Three patties w/ layers of cheese and bacon inbetween each one.
This was $7.99 before tax and just for the burger itself.

Check out www.Steaknshake.com
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ana lopez says:

Keepin it real as always guys, I’ve never even heard of steak and shake. And honestly I don’t even know if i’d like it, but then again I’m not a big meat eater. c:

TheCanti says:

Careful, if you get anymore extreme you might be sent back to the 90s.

Cacti88 says:

i luv their 4 dollar menu, garlic burger rocks

M B says:

Jenn is looking so hot

Dave Da Drummajor says:

Loved Jens shades although they would be loud on me, looked good although that’s about the size of my regular burgers. more bacon than mine but mine are thick hickory smoked bacon. and I got sunbathing you can try. a juicy Lucy deep fried in ranch seasoning with bacon fried jalapeños. hell of a mash but may work

kitty friend says:

theres one on the highway like an  hour away, we stopped there once but I didn’t eat anything > . <

Kristin Riggs says:

Love steak n shake!

Carl Taylor says:

Don’t know if I want a steak and shake. but I do want a shake. I want a lime milkshake. Dammit, why can’t I get a lime milkshake????!!!! I WANT MY LIME MILKSHAKES BACK IN THE UK!!!!! I miss my lime milkshakes. 🙁

ZombieZifiction says:

shouldn’t it be 3/5 not 3.5/5 lol

STIDZ & SON INC. says:

This sandwich is pretty solid I must say. Is it me though…you just can’t really top a double or triple whopper.

Dirty Pours says:

What’s up my man. I’ve got to say I love stake n shake. My favorite burger there is the royal burger with the egg its amazing Great review. love watching you keep it up

Andrew James says:

Dude love your intro music and vids man!

UnwashedPearl says:

I think I’d go to Snake n Bake more often if their little shoestring fries didn’t suck so hard. When I get off work in the middle of the night my choice is Steak n Shake, Ihop or McDonald’s. My usual choice – f**k it, I’m going home.

The Heardsmen says:

Just found you guys! Love the videos! We are Binge watching right now! Keep up the great work!

Glen Tannehill says:

We’re getting a Steak ‘n Shake (coming this summer) to Pearl, MS – pretty excited about it. Just about 12 miles away! The next closest one is 140 miles (Covington, LA) which I have been to twice…

Disfatt Bidge says:

That’ll give you the scrambles for sure, every time I go there

Break Through says:

Aw yo, they always be so damn hardcore over there in the Steak n shake creative room. I don’t know how they stay accepted in corporate America with being such extremely hardcore clowns over there at HQ. They should be banished for being ahead of their time by about negative one month. Dave in development me how wild, fee and crazy shit be at the office in the name of a new a shitburger. Dave is one wild ass mofo. He buys expenisive craft beers shows off his vinyl.

Cacti88 says:

steak and shake seasoning sprinkle they do. customer service not so much

Strung Out says:

That’s extremely overpriced!

nowzthetime says:

some places that same burger is 5.99

Whitfield's Food Revue says:

This is Jenn’s favorite burger joint, what is yours?!

SamPlaysGames100 says:

Hi guys! Great review!

John Doe says:

Steak and shake is the best

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