#1 Food Cooking Hack & Gadget – MEATER Review | Nailing the Perfect Steak!

Friendly Review of the MEATER (https://meater.com Code: FRIENDLY10 to save 10%). First of all, I want to thank MEATER for sending me this device to review. The MEATER is a wireless meat thermometer that works with their MEATER App that takes all the guesswork out of cooking meat. You can use it to cook Beef (Steaks & Hamburgers), Pork, Poultry (Chicken), Lamb, and Fish. There is also a custom cook setup for anything else you can think of. You can customize the alarms to tell you when your food is about to be done, or if the ambient/cooking temperature gets too low or high. This is particularly useful for outdoor grilling.

To use the MEATER you place it in its charging block, and it will automatically charge the thermometer/probe. Remove it, connect to it with the app, and then you’re off. Stick it into the meat past the small groove that indicates where the internal temperature sensor stops. While cooking, you can also bring up a plot showing the internal and ambient temperature over time. If you connect to their cloud, you can get this data emailed to you to look at later as well. One of my favorite things about it, is that it tells you when to take the meat out prior to reaching the temperature to rest the meat. As it rests it gets up to the full/perfect temperature. I also like that all of the USDA recommended meat temperatures are right there in the app. The UI/UX is super simple.

We have used it in the oven and on the grill. The steaks we made where perfect. The Ribeyes were cooked to Medium and the results were a perfect pink inside. The chicken, and the meatloaf worked perfectly just as well.

In this review I also perform tests. The internal temperature sensor appears to be within 1% of the Thermapen we have. The range of the Bluetooth 4.0 device reached nearly all our house except when enclosed in the grill that was located outside.

I highly recommend the MEATER. It would be a great gift for your family or friend that loves to cook, or anyone that cooks for you that isn’t very good at it 🙂

MEATER & Block – https://meater.com (Discount Code: FRIENDLY10)
MEATER (Amazon) – https://amzn.to/2PrcVt7


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Robert O'Neill, Jr. says:

I just subscribed and love you and videos! 🙂 Anyways, I must get this, as I love to cook on the grill! Looks amazing!

HighTowerNL says:

Coupon code didn’t work in EU store. Thanks for the review it sounds like a really great device.

ModernDayFamilyMan says:

I remember this being on Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo and I wanted to buy it then but I was vegan at the time so I didn’t have a need for it. But now that I’m back to being an omnivore I’m interested in the block. Such a great design and product. Great video Paul!

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