$1 Ribeye Steak REVIEW (Eating The Dollar Stores, EP #6)

Today, I’m reviewing the $1 Ribeye Steak from Dollar Tree on another exciting episode of Eating The Dollar Store. What should I try next?

My camera is a Panasonic HDC-SD800K 3 MOS Twin Memory 3D Compatible Camcorder http://amzn.to/1TeZmLl




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Aj Megale says:

You should have dried it off first! you boiled the damn thing lol

Joseph Ortiz says:

food is food

Liam Wood says:

Close your eyes and think of Saul Goldman lmfao p

kwallace0307 says:

U should try grilling it looks grilled on pkg great review

Sergiu Sandu says:

make the pan way hotter next time, even better if you use a grill pan or a grill.

Survival on a Budget Made Easy says:

Thanks for the great videos. You have helped me with ideas for my channel. Hope you do not mind me using some of you ideas.

Maryland Memories says:

I have had a couple of these over the years. Believe or not, it isn’t the worst steak I have ever had. That distinction goes to a filet minon that I bought at Walmart a couple years ago. It cost ten times as much as this and it was horrible.

worknbills okay says:

idk if i would’ve eaten this but i think i would have tried it on a grill. it didn’t look too appetizing…you are still alive, so i guess they are ok.

Maryland Memories says:

I see where Dollar Tree now has in addition to these Ribeyes the small circular sirloin steaks wrapped in bacon. Might be a good one to review. The picture on the wrapper sure makes them look good! LOL

MrMentalia says:

soooo how does it feel to be a cannibal?

mr815 says:

the only person that cooked it right

Dank Memes says:

Subbed o3o

PureIrish77 says:

Dude you got balls of steel to try that meat!

Mr.R Tillery says:

Looks like your eating a fucking thin sliced smokers lung.

METALMAN4Wii says:

Unless you want those little punks egging your house?

Emeris Pendragon says:

I’ll have to pass

Calvin Gard says:


Matthew McDonald says:

you remind me alot of Michael Pachter from Pachter Factor. You could parody him easily.

Minecraft Lover 101 says:

A YouTuber called cutlerylover tried this and got sick from it.

Eric Suh says:

u sound like saul goodman

xniquilador says:

Hmm… if you wanted to visually compare it to the package illustration, you should at least try to emulate the cooking style. Nonetheless, it was a good video… liked!

Leo Walsh says:

Sounds like you could cut this into strips and make a good Philly steak sandwich. So I’m going to give it a try. I’ll just keep 911 handy… 🙂

Brend M says:

Cook em frozen. Don’t thaw !! We eat em with eggs in morning. My son LOVES em.

Ten Kodori says:

You were tasting the fat. It’s extremely processed. That’s why it’s a dollar!

METALMAN4Wii says:

In one month makes two years also don’t give out dollar store candy this Halloween unless it’s a real brand I gave out suckers last year probably again this year.

UniverseReverie says:

What’s with the Smurf filled Twinkies in the background?

Derpy Hooves says:

I’m ur 12,300th sub

Gregory Pappas says:

Hey! You are correct, you didn’t say anything about using it for a sandwich, I confused your review with someone elses, apologies, take care!

carrie white says:

That’s good that the steak is good

To0t says:

it looks like decomposing meat. meat turns black like that during composition

TheMotherfer says:

Have you tried their God awful Country Fried Steak? I think there’s more salt in it…then actual salt.

Alfonso The Leedle says:

i have been battling depression for over 5 years now and this video has convinced me to finally kill myself

Alina Rodriguez says:

I would never buy that product ,come on stake for a dollar you can tell is some kind of process meat no way. .

David Sims says:

that looks sick. if steak sauce makes it better its trash.

Eric Glueckert says:

Probably a good candidate for steak fajitas.

Morgan jjfish says:

I just subbed to your channel. I think your awesome

DJ Diabeetus AKA young beetus says:

Really gonna eat a steak that cost $1 from a store that sells mop buckets and detergent literally the next Isle over? Smh well the earth is getting over populated anyways. Might as well let the idiots kill themselves off.

tfair5 says:

Looks like it’d make s better sandwich than overpriced Steakum’s

The Darci 13 says:

Funny vid….. first off it is NOT big enough to have a bone in it:))))) Second I will NEVER try that one:))))))

Joseph Ortiz says:

I tried one cooked on my colemen gas cooker, on a Teflon coated griddle, tasted great, just added salt and pepper.

Sig Shooter says:

Wow, mixed reviews. TheWolfPit hated his and threw it away. Maybe it’s hit and miss on quality.

Zerobladetion Wot says:

I rather kill a squirrel,cat,dog on the road for free and eat it ! being sarcastic!!!!!

Lewis Johnson says:

I’m a firm believer that if you need to use steak sauce, you’re eating a shitty steak

Nelly LIU says:

I love it videos

Castiel Joиgdae リチャード says:

It’s not even red Wtf

Eddie Lee says:

I tried some of these on a dare..grilled them up, seasoned them with some steak seasoning..and I gotta say, for a dollar? These are perfectly fine.

Caitie D says:

Haha, I wouldn’t feed that steak to my dog

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