1999 Vintage Star Foods Individual Mealpak MRE Review Chopped Beef Steak


1999 Vintage Star Foods Individual Mealpak MRE Review Chopped Beef Steak

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julian lujan says:

Hi Nathan!

SGT ROCK says:

What is the name and brand of that knife that you used? Looks like a nice blade style.

nappyN8 says:

I like that knife

Kahlest Enoch says:

This is really interesting. Ummm ewe on the main. The gravy doesn’t look right either. But awesome that you found one of these and have been able to document the contents. Thanks for the review, and the bravery to try this stuff.

CaptainTruth says:

… Chopped Beef and Components?

MultiMagnum62 says:

If I have seen this packaging, or type of ration,  I do not remember. Wow.  Very lightweight unfortunately. Steak and potatoes. I would not have tried it, sorry friend. Other items looked ok, but we do not have smellavision yet, LOL.  I couldn’t smell the granola bar. Great review, on A rare ration, Peace, John.

Ol' Mate Dropbear says:

Another great find. That bread reminded me of a fossilized version of the bread in a CR1M! LOL

Diesel Power says:

What a weird old little ration lol, it’s only 19 year old dead ground cow and taters in a weird old fermented gravy lol. The breads probably turned into a brick of compacted saw dust by now lol, and the weird old granola bar probably is from the 80’s lol. It’s probably one that a middle schooler left in the library, back in the 80’s and then star foods bought it from the school library, and threw it in the ration in 99 lol.

Steve Mercure says:

If the drink had fermented I wonder if you could better use it as mash for your moonshine still?

Louise smith says:

Good video mate x

Admiral Preparedness says:

The consensus here is “only if we were starving”.

Meme Tube says:

The word you are looking for when you say “library booky” is it tastes and smells like moth balls. Lmfao

METALMAN4Wii says:

I’m First!!!

Shamus K says:

These were used for feeding troops in transit. We called these bag nasties. These didn’t last long in the system. They went to the arguably worse Jimmy Dean bag nasties.


Hello mate. As always, great video. I did not try star mre ration, but this one looks strange, compared to the new ones. In this ration a small selection of products, in contrast to new ones. Or I’m wrong?

Armond Itah says:

I’m second ^_^ love your vids Nathan !

T D says:

For funsies.

ZombieBitesAgain says:

yum yum down the hatch buddy lol nice review nat

samuel bean says:

better be glad the matches didnt light with all the fermentation and crud that thing could have blew up

Pauly's MRE REVIEWS and things says:

Great review there sir an MRE FIRST AWESOME but didn’t hold up that well but we’ll done anyway I enjoyed watching it

F. Peña says:

Compared to other MREs I can kinda see why Star foods went under.

Anthony Ciccariello says:

You are a brave man mr. Nathan. Don’t forget your Pepto-Bismol tonight.

ladybassplayer23 says:

Love the videos

bx8garageman says:

You’ve got great vids but any concerns about botulism?

Unspeakable Experiments says:

You’d sure be in piddling business if you couldn’t get those matches going on long, cold night!!! Great video, man!

Mike Nauer says:

boiled samonella

John Christian says:

Wait a minute. Is Star Foods a thing? If so, why it doesn’t exist anymore?

Barnabus Blackoak says:

Looks like an average Salisbury steak

John Manning says:

it it was fresher it would be comparable to hormel 60 minute meals which are pretty good

Kaylynn Strain says:

that entree looked like something my old high school used to pass off as meat in gravy, our cafeteria was not known for it’s so’called food

jmtnvalley says:

You are a braver man than I…

Paul Hatcher says:

That main reminds me of Dinty Moores’ beef stew or some of the other microwaveablle meals

ForeignMRE.com says:

That MRE looked terrible. I am glad it was you doing the review and not me. Great video Nathan.

Devin Irish says:

I am so glad I found all of you like Steve. Yeah sometimes it’s kinda gross seeing someone eat a ww2 chocolate, but it’s more the history than it’s the food.

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