$200 Kobe Beef Steak VS. $20 Kobe Beef Steak!

I’m in Kobe Japan trying out Kobe beef steak, A5 Wagyu. In this video I ate at 3 kobe beef restaurants and stuffed my face with Kobe. Here’s what I thought…

Location 1

Location 2

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TheBubbaclaw says:

I hate you so much right now.
Saying I am jealous is a MAJOR understatement. [That whole episode made me drool.]

Black Cat says:


Paulo Gaming says:

i dont have 200 or 500 dollars to buy steak but i have 10 dollar for rose beef. its really good though

Eddy Ballester says:

You keep it real… informative and educational. And also entertaining. Thanks

Arnold Lan says:

Why didn’t you list the third location?

TheChopstickKid says:

I’ve watched this video so many times cause it’s like I get to eat Kobe beef

Lance Baker says:

You need a longer stick. You was in me face.

Jonathan Slayer says:

To be honest, how do you get full from that little steak? I can eat all of those at once and still be hungry..

tekneeQ 1337 says:

Best steak I had was the Premium Quality steak that I got from Dollar Tree

Bob Star says:

When they cut it into tiny peices like that while it’s still cooking it drys the meat out. They should cook the steak whole then cut when finished


Then theres me, eating some hotdogs.

JeepStuff says:

putting kobe beef in a sauce or salad is crime.

username says:

I despise silly expensive things.
Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t want to eat like this.

Luqman Nurhakim says:

imagine eating this while high.!!

Lance Baker says:

The purest way to do a fair taste test for steak: cover it in wasabi, garlic, and soy sauce. No way that will mask the beef taste, eh?

Ciara Roberts says:

Come to SVG

MassyFurgy 240 says:

Whats jis fact channel xalled

DeAthKiller Official ML says:

What if you drop one piece of kobe beef tbh that will be cruel…

SignatureSaqib says:

Please do another one of this video….i love ur videos and love kobe beef aswell:

Connor Smith says:

Food gasim

anumandha naayagan says:

Chi paapilulaara amaayakamaina aavulani champi tinestara

iiRangerrr says:

It looks like spam LOL

Midnight Commander says:

I hope I never wake up too Mike.

ieathalalandtravel says:

Definitely needs some hot oil lol

Royal Army says:

im curious to see a blind test where the taster doesnt know which one is legit. sometimes knowing what youre eating adds to the hype.

AnonymousRocker says:

was watching halfway the video…paused, then, went to the department store, purchased a prime beef cut, made steak, and resume playing the video. damn you mikey, you cannot take me down this time!! imma eat steak while watching your video pretending its kobe! haha

Justin Stumpf says:

Wow what a pretend artistry seer a steak on each end for a minute serve it raw call it world class what a joke

Ciara Roberts says:


Jason Standley says:

No need to apologize… I only found out 5 weeks ago about that Kobe and Wagu beef are different types

thevinh tran says:

Look like your mom not beat you enough

Bea says:

I’m so hungry

Sergio Lugo says:

Wait until this guy tries south american Asado. Like in Argentina for example.

Japan capital of steak? LMAO.

Hafa Adai says:

Each bite was $20

Joshua Kim says:

this video had me cracking so hard… he kept on saying the best steak you had in the USA is like mcdonalds or lunchables meat compared to beef in Kobe. LOLOLOLOL

Og Stoppable says:

“So that the meat can go directly into your mouth.”

I'mMaryPoppinsY'all says:

This guy probably puts hot oil in his cheerios.

Tommy Aventador says:

Cows eat veggies?

Al Pendz says:

where is location 3?

Ben kenobi says:

I went to Kobe and had Kobe beef for the whole day. Litterally the best day ever

mnulk says:

this guy is actually crying

Frankie Pham says:

Beef is beef cow is a. Cow

Margon-Rice Gargon says:

Basically BuzzFeed’s Worth It.

Giao Phạm says:

I’ve been to the 2nd place when I was in Japan. The steak I had that night was the best steak I’ve had in my life. It was soooo delicious, so tender like a dream.

Wes McGee says:

Mikey. I grew up ranching and raising 1000 head of prime beef every year during my dad’s years. He knew beef and later was a feedlot broker and a buyer for McDonald’s . Yes, Kobe beef is absolutely the best beef in the world

Apollous Knight says:

Now I get shokugeki no soma

Shawn L says:

*tasting oxtail soup* “definitely need some hot oil” lmao

Big D.O.S.E. says:

Damn, I just caught myself before my mouth watering turned into drooling…

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