Adam Savage Tests the Best Ways to Sear a Steak!

Summer is here, and it’s time for some food science! We team up with Serious Eats’ Managing Culinary Director J. Kenji López-Alt (and the author of James Beard Award-winning cookbook The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science) to test for an ideal way to sear a steak. Adam and Kenji discuss some misconceptions about steak searing, and test four searing methods at different temperatures.

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Shot and edited by Adam Isaak

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Adam Isaak
Kishore Hari
Patrick Norton
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams

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Time To Kill says:

So did they use charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal in the 3rd method?

Fuzzyscarfandmittens says:

Love Montreal steak spice on mine.

Gangsta Loaded Eret says:

meat my fiddle to like i

OfficialSpokesman says:

13:17 That moment when Adam realizes what chef Kenji just said.

Lester Prosser says:

I will put my steak up to anyones. The key is a good marinade and then cooking it over a wood fire with good smoke. The marinade is then reduced and other ingredients added to make the steak sauce. No one can beat the flavor of my steak. NO ONE.

Rathy Chin says:

Why the hell you cut of the fat pussies.

Juggernaut says:


Robert Lucido says:

7:03 – look how excited Mr Savage gets when the flame thrower turns on lmao. #ClassicSavage

Ranjit says:

My webber genesis would get as hot as you’d ever want on the sear part.

Sergey Fox says:

Anyone knows what sort of bags were used to sous vide? Look reusable…

TheProfessor936 says:

You’re not supposed to eat steak right after removing from the grill. They are supposed to sit for 3-5 mins, after removing from the grill, for it to tighten up first.

ChePennyDK says:

Fucking sacrilege to cut the fat of a steak!

Anthony Dickerson says:

I bet they got the shits, that meat sat outside loosing temperature, smh that little flame didn’t warm that steak up lol

Christian Sullender says:

That sear has me rock hard!

Bert van Meteren says:

did you consider an electric paintstripper

Kay D says:

Never trust a person that doesnt eat steak, to cook a good steak

Ashot Mitoyants says:

did he say salamander when describing a torch? this man plays runescape

Chris Kozub says:

Adam savage is a cucked male feminist

CookwithSarah says:

Why didn’t they do pan searing?

Jiayun Li says:

@Gordan Ramsay

Ryan says:

Gordon Ramsay would be disappointed. Damn shame.

James x says:

Has anyone mentioned the “fiddle with my meat” comment yet…or am I the only child that giggled?

2locs says:

seems like a lot of work

Jason Fonseca says:

Where Can I buy the searing attachment for the blow torch?

kraxetk says:

What happened to the sous vide steak? The steaks they were cooking were raw, not sous vide. Bogus show, sorry..

laratta says:

This dude patch the steak juice, with his hand, and wipe it off to shirt at 3:08. That is fucking gross man.

eddiechairez says:

wow Adam is fucking stupid!

jdthewasian says:

I don’t like that they cut off the fat. One of the things they were checking for is if the fat will get too sooty and burn.

Trysten Mack says:

“I like to fiddle with my meat”

Algorithm says:

I wonder if Adam misses Mythbusters…

Abraham Im says:

I just noticed the air flow in the aluminum forge was provided by a hair dryer lol

CookinginRussia says:

stick to engineering, Adam.

Wakkatata Zone says:

Anyone else notice that the steaks they sear with the Searzall don’t at all look like the steaks they took out of the sous vide?

Tyler Peacock says:

This chef is a queef.

Salpeteroxid says:

Too cooked for my liking… Raw is the best.

Ash Place says:

How do you not include the baseline test – pan seared cast iron skillet ?

zushiba says:

Kenji Lopez, that’s a super weird, neat name.

Connor J. Mc says:

when you just watched an entire 33 minute video on steak….

Dank Memes says:

is that a ribeye or picanha?

W R says:

Kenji seemed like he was annoyed lol

Tenzinite says:

I’ve watched this video so many times…

byronsito504 says:

Cooking with nerds

bluecube489 says:

and now I’m hungry..

Smudge says:

Is that a King of Random aluminum forge?

Nathan Galvin says:

“I like to fiddle with my meat” I see what he did there

Gibran Otway says:

always let your steak rest

Dale Gribble says:

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.
Holy shit dude your name is like an episode of Carmen Sandiego.

kevinfishburne says:

Warming it up slowly in factory juices, not washing the exterior and recommending leaving it in the fridge for a while contribute to exponential microbial reproduction. Even solid meat can’t block bacteria forever.

Ramduck415 says:

Adam got the evil eye for burning the grass.

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