Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Review and Steak Test

Anova Review

Anova Precision Cooker is a great entry sous vide cooker with a price that currently can’t be beat.

Note: You’ll notice that I didn’t bring up any of the bluetooth features. It seems like the BT and mobile app features were afterthoughts and you’re better off avoiding them. Keep in mind that a WiFi model is supposed to be released sometime during the summer.

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Anova Devices:

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ShazamImagineThat says:

Only cheap stainless steel will rust. Indicative of the overall quality of this device.

Master Joey says:

Was the steak kinda melt in your mouth steak? I will buy one if it does hehe

HD_POWER says:

is plastic bags safe in heated places!!

Adrien Cheah says:

Great review!Question: are there suggested types of bags to use for the cooking process? Or will any type of ziplock be sufficient?

Ralphy_64 says:

who invented this piece of shit!? it didn’t even cook after 2 hours. he had to slam it on the pan.

Kane Schenn says:

dose it support Celsius?

ShazamImagineThat says:

Oh Wow… what a groundbreaking concept… Cooking food in a plastic bag in boiling water. I think it was Birds Eye Foods that came up with this concept back around 60 or 70 years ago.

Just another stupid product from the crazy people in San Fransisco who think having a blue tooth connection to my iPhone is cool. Just push a button on my phone and dinner is served!

Marco Davila says:

sous vide means under vacuum! he didn’t vacuum out the packets lol …can you say botulism !!!

06blah says:

Literally showed us nothing about how to use. Hahaha. What a shit video. Thumbs down

Tam jan Lim says:

you cannot use this machine in Australia. The seller I’d not going to refund you .

Mark McKinlay says:

Cook 2 steaks in 2 hours plus prep time ??

angelastarling says:

I saw one these at Target and I really want to understand whats the advantage of having one of these vs. the other methods of cooking. It looks cool, I just don’t get it.

Mark Sedoques says:

it’s ok to do this method without vaccuuming it?

laratta says:

Cooking in a plastic bag will give you cancer.

Francis Filth says:

where can i get that same water container?

TyTyCubing says:


Aram Azhari says:

that meat is very rare for two hours.

ultravincent says:

Cooking in plastic? No thanks!

Allen Miller says:

Do you have to pre-heat the water bath before putting the food into the water bath?

ChevyBoy says:

2 hours for a steak

Tanya Green says:

someone gave me this cooker… haven’t used it yet… how do I cook meat well done…??

Andrew Wolfe says:

The sucky thing for you is Best Buy had this one for $105 during Father’s Day! BEST FATHER’S DAY EVER!!!! Thanks son!

Tim Piotrowicz says:

throw your steaks in plastic bags and boil them in a plastic container?
i’d rather throw em on the grill, thanks.

Ammari Noel says:

This a really bad review

J Mhr says:

What did you use to brown the steak? How long did that take?

Daniel Almada says:

What a terrible review. You talked nothing about the instruction process, the operation with or without the app, bluetooth sync experience. If you are planning on becoming a reviewer, you MUST go beyond “Hey guys! It works! Please Like & subscribe!” Thumbs down.

luiscamara1 says:

lmao are people retarded enough to buy this? It’s literally an electric water heater. Stick it in a pan filled with water with low heat for 2 hours and you’ll get the same result

Umar Sattar says:

whats the point.. get that steak and pan fry it in 6 mins and finish off in the oven for 10..

Pat Carroll says:

Good info intro but the speaker swallows his words. He needs to practice E-NUN-CI-A-TION.

DocReeg says:

Terrible review. You mumbled the entire time, and you didn’t even review the actual results. I’ve seen much better review videos with substantially lower production value.

chiko14june says:

couldn’t stand the music. thumb down

barbiesbenz says:

Do not listen to the stupid comments here, they don’t know shit about sous vide. Thanks for your review, I just got one today and can’t wait to try it:)

bob bobless says:

200 bucks for a fancy immersion heater???………… NEXT!!!

Brian O says:

Breaks my Heart that you didn’t just sear the scallops in skillet 🙁

Shiuwah Ngan says:

this is really a junk

Michael Petritsch Jr says:

where do you purchase that bin for the water?

Dano0otah says:

not healthy ?

Daniel Wallis says:

All you morons that don’t understand this method of cooking should just go to Macdonalds and keep your stupid opinions to yourselves.

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