Applebee’s shrimp steak dinner review

Number six with cheese made this video possible. I Went to Applebee’s to get a shrimp steak dinner.

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The video I won the gift card
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Freddie's Food Reviews says:

Dinner looks bomb. Oh yeah

john1842msu says:

Nice review. Food looked pretty good. Surprised you were allowed to film in there…
So did Sean and Corey pull your name out of a hat for a monthly giveaway or something?

jujie says:

I’ve been watching your reviews for over a year now, I really enjoy them! But I must say, I always get a bit of a giggle going when you describe food… “The blue cheese sauce has a blue cheese flavour to it” or “the shrimps got a shrimp flavour to it”… Love your videos tho! Keep them up, and want to see more vlogs and chat videos where we can get to know you more!

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

I never been to applebees

Slaughter Food Creations says:

One Applebee’s served me raw frozen chicken once. They still made me pay for the one beer I had while waiting. Go glad I cut through my chicken wherever I go. I could have been in serious trouble otherwise.

Craig says:

I have to ask, I’m enjoying these videos, but is the fedora supposed to be ironic? Are you making fun of people who seriously wear a fedora like that? Or is it part of your normal dress attire? This is what keeps me watching these videos, you’re fascinating. Clearly you’ve reached some level of personal success, you seem to be married and make a decent income. I mean, the fedora has to be a joke…..right?

Cody Higginbotham says:

I really enjoyed this and you are definitely my favorite food reviewer. Keep up the awesome work!

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Aww good ole’ Sean and Corey. Nice choice for the gift card…. I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in years. Sure looked good though. Nice that they had the 2 for 10 with the apps…. 2 apps and and entree would def. be covered by $25 – Smart 🙂

Michael Creech says:

I watch NumberSixWithCheese as well. That’s cool that you won a gift card. Your food looked amazing! Great review as well!!

CJ Cutter says:

Another great review!

Michael Creech says:

Did you see the recent BBQ video they uploaded the other day? Man that BBQ looked better than any I’ve seen before!

I want to try those tacos that you had by the way. I bet those was awesome!

jason callan says:

I believe you ordered what John ordered in my video. Great job as always buddy. I think Number 6 with cheese should have commented on your video.

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