Arby’s Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread – Food Review

Today’s review is for Arby’s Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread.

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Youtuber Account says:


Flapjack the American penguin says:

You sound and look like you want to kill yourself.

The Morningstar Killer says:

I dig your lighter colored suits. i think you look the best in a bit warmer colors with a dark tie. all your suits are nice though.

Ho Dennis says:

Your suit is making me high

Cool Hand Luke says:

I would pay 8 or 9 canadollars for this dish

The Ferocious Few says:

How the fuck do people get so many views on these shitty food reviews?

Lavishlyfat says:

My penis was enlarged several sizes after watching this video

KUBICIU! says:


peacefrog1916 says:

Are you using a new camera?

Andrea Spencer says:

he looks stoned

Itz MitchMitch says:

You sound like you hate your life. Please, save yourself.

Jamie Kalbaugh says:

Unyung and Peppas

Anthony says:

It’s like your arms aren’t your own arms.

Who Knows says:

What’s up with the right side of your face behind your eye?

This no gay, this Wesley says:

The suits looks even better in daylight. Now I must have one like that.

R T says:

Do you style your hair with leftover food grease?

ButtsMcGeeson says:

The thumbnails are one of the best parts of these reviews.

Karoline Seymour says:

Lock your door and you really need to wear a fashionable bib to protect the very nice tie..thanks for sharing. Your videos make me hungry and I really like the way you eat with your mouth closed..Well done..:) You should become a food critic for restaurants and food shows..seriously..

SquigglyPiano says:

this fucking kid uses youtube as an escape from his crippling depression. just look at his eyes, he’s definitely about to cry.

Daniel Poolman says:

he’s like bizarro Joey from joeysworldtour. Instead of an aging, high energy, fat slob this guy is a low energy, white, anal retentive youngster. Yet they both wasting their lives reviewing the same garbage fast food thinking people actually give a shit about their opinions of it.

it’s been interesting watching this guy grow from an awkward kid to an awkward young man that honestly looks like EVERY SERIAL KILLER EVER!

Itzmist says:

at times, you look like the actor from the first spider man movie

Gülce Revanlı says:

unknown juice

Chloe Clive Collection says:

Who is “we”?

Justin Tenney says:

Well idk why I keep watching people do fast food reviews but something keeps making me want to watch shit like this

Used Panties says:

2:56 pure frustration.

Eric L says:

just subbed u, but im wondering, why do u dress like that? thanks

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