Arby’s Three Cheese Steak Sandwich – Review

Today’s review is for the Three Cheese Steak Sandwich from Arby’s.

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Arby’s stacked natural Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese and Gouda cheese on top of tender slices of Angus steak. That’s why it’s called the Angus three cheese and steak sandwich. On account of the three cheeses. And the steak. ​

Want to try Arby’s sold-out venison sandwich? That’ll cost $500, OBO

Kyle Gorcey of Pittsburgh didn’t eat the Arby’s venison sandwich his dad brought him Friday night.

So, after a few days, he turned to Craigslist.

Up for sale is a Limited Edition Arby’s Venison Sandwich. Sold out everywhere!!! Purchased from the Bellview location. Customers were only allowed to purchase two!!! Currently in sitting in my refrigerator. Also comes with Arby’s sauce and their Horseradish sauce in the bag. Does not come with fries. Still in paper bag. I would open it up but I do not wish to taint the sandwich in any way.
Don’t miss out on this rare delight! You might never get a chance again!!!
The condition? “Like new”

The price? $500.

“I see everybody selling those NES Classic Edition and those Hatchimals. They are selling for three to four times their original price! You never know what people will buy,” Gorcey told The Incline in an email.

“And I need to pay off my college loans,” he said, adding that he went to Robert Morris University for journalism.

So what’s so special about the sandwich? It’s described by USA Today as being “a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions with a berry sauce on a toasted roll” made of “100% deer meat” from “premium cut top and bottom round steaks from the hind quarter of the deer.”

Venison has health benefits as a lean meat full of protein, pointed out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which added that the test helped the chain “connect with the nation’s 20 million hunters, a group that overlaps heavily with its customer base.”

Arby’s also offered the sandwiches in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin at different times, and its five Pennsylvania test sites were all in the western part of the state: Bethel Park, Bellevue, Leechburg and three locations in New Castle.

Only offered for the weekend here, the sandwiches sold quickly, despite the limit of two per customer.

“Guest reaction in the Pennsylvania restaurants offering venison was incredible. All restaurants offering the product sold out on the first day of the promotion,” Luke DeRouen, Arby’s spokesman, told The Incline in an email.

Gorcey said his dad went to the Bellevue location late Friday —the first day of the offer — and bought two sandwiches. He said by then the store had sold nearly two-thirds of its supply. Gorcey’s dad ate his sandwich and thought it was delicious, Gorcey said. He wants it to be added to the menu.

And while the price was set to help pay Gorcey’s college loans, he’s willing to negotiate. But the offer has to be good. He’s already turned down one offer on the sandwich — three Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.

“I’m holding out for something a bit more. I’m not sure how long it will last, I might freeze or just eat it,” he said.

Want to try Arby’s sold-out venison sandwich? That’ll cost $500, OBO

November 29th, 2016.

Review conducted by TheReportOfTheWeek.


Alec Dwyer says:

This dude reminds me of Bobby Flay

GorgeousRoddyChrome says:

5.2! That *is* surprising–a disappointing sandwich all right. I must admit that when I do Arby’s I slather an embarrassing and ludicrous amount of horsey sauce on everything I order. I probably couldn’t tell the difference.
On another note: Stay strong, ReviewBrah. Time is on your side! So are your loyal fans! Thank you for continuing to provide great content during your time of tribulation.

LJGTRXU1-28C says:

Know one gives a fuck about the fucking time you fucking homo. Fuck your a gay piece of shit you sound like such a faggot like when you open up your videos you say ‘food review’ so fucked up just delete your channel. The cancer of youtube.

ScoutTrooper164 says:

You need to collaborate with Daymon Drops.

Turtle Turtle says:

Maybe he wears collared shirts to hide all the hickeys from all the hoes he fucks.

Secular Unity says:

He doesn’t wear the suit; the suit wears him.

Delider says:

return of the THIRST BUSTER

Captain Triton says:

I had this sandwich the other day myself, and honestly it was okay, but I wasn’t very impressed, the meat was tender but way too dry, my particular sandwich had almost no sauce on it, which it really needed, the meat was also pretty salty, not to a point where it was bad but it definitely didn’t help, I think they should add more sauce, or make the meat less salty.

Franky Benitez says:

That was the weakest first bite ive ever seen

Jesus Flores says:

You have no idea…..funny how ur still chewing, yet taking more bites.ahahahahaahaaH

moonlighter6 says:

I really enjoy Arby’s meat choices and quality. I put their “Horsey Sauce” on every sandwich. Though, they need to eliminate the salty onion straws on this sandwich.

Krüsher says:

The more I watch your videos, the more I want to be like you.
I mean, you’re such a gentleman. But so humble and simple at the same time.
I’m not even kidding.

Top Zozzle says:



you dislike it but you ate half of it.

Anthony Evelyn says:

Damn they corned the sandwich with salt. All that does is exacerbate hypertension. Come on Arbys.

Gaming Laboratories says:

Awesome video! Keep up the great work!!!

AdamBMXOdyssey says:

What music do you listen to Reviewbrah

Theoracleman50 says:

this food review guy was arrested this morning. on charges of kiddie porn on his laptop

Codename Jake says:

“Cheese can be as grate as it wants to be” ahhhh pun not intended

Don Chappell says:

what the hell is this? some sort of food review?

gerber like the babies says:

you take the most dainty bites i’ve ever seen.

Ben Weiner says:

RB + Arby’s=match made in heaven

Anton Mänty says:


Donta Searcy says:

Seems like you dislike everything you eat. I tried this sandwich and it was great.

Petirep says:

there was an epic bird fight happening outside your window the whole time

Eden says:


Gato says:

what’s with those birds behind you? it’s like that Hitchcock movie

thegamingpotato GAMER says:


The Oliver Show says:

Shout out to my car in the back

joe kelly says:

keep up the good work man great vid

Pog Boglin says:

Reportman of the Review good luck with legal issues I am elbow I know all struggles ok?

Angela Ambrose says:

I’d like to take you out for dinner.

Strung Out says:

Those were the smallest bites ever. You didn’t even put a dent in that sandwich lol

Go Zinya says:

Did he say Roast Beast instead of roast beef, it’s such a tongue twister.

Lo Leigh says:

appreciate this channel

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