Best methods to TENDERIZE STEAK tested! Papaya, Kiwi, Baking Powder, Onion & Honey!

Subscribers Suggestions! I tested all your request from Tenderizing experiment 1. You requested to test these steak tenderizing methods and on this video I deliver. I tested, papaya, kiwi fruit, baking powder, onion and honey! As always with major food porn, to inspire you to get out and grill some steaks. I also show how to get the ribeye cap out of the rib roast!

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* INGREDIENTS * I used to tenderize the steaks
Papaya, Kiwi, Onion, Baking Powder & Water, Honey

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Lynn Mottaghi says:

I use Asian pears to tenderize my steak or apple sometimes, but never try papaya before. I will definitely give it s try!

John Richardson says:

Papaya & Kiwi is a MUST TRY!

Luke Swails says:

Try marinating in lime juice the acidity should tenderise the steak

Tomy Arif Utomo says:

try using papaya leaves bro…it’s my family secret ;-))

Arben Rashiti says:

WHy wash it off? stupid!

LeftAsBlank says:

Looks good brother. Is Mamoi? The cameraman in this channel too?

The music lyric says:

maybe u can try Papaya vs pineapple 🙂

Meas D. says:

Great channel!

Mr Azlan the Landlord says:

You silly man – ripe papaya won’t work as it doesn’t contain papain – you need to use the juice of green (unripe) papaya. You’ll only need to marinade for 10 minutes.

Sam Takara says:

Acidity please. And I’m subscribing now, thanks 🙂

xXt0x1c-sl1m3Xx says:

I had no idea there was a second channel O_o


Do olive oil

Farhan Ali says:

Raw papaya works better to tenderize

PeterisPedro says:

Papaya vs pineapple for sure!

Jack Chang says:

Why not do a double marinade.. papaya honey.. vs pineapple kiwi.. would doing both make it even better?

Mike Wu says:

I think you’re meant to peel the Kiwifruit’s skin off before dicing it…

spewaysealat says:

You guys need to do blind tests instead… it’s not much of a scientific experiment if it’s not.

An Enemy says:

i like my meat without the gay music

Robert Lunsford says:

I would guess that different honeys would have different effects on the meat. I would like to see the difference between say orange blossom, clover, buckwheat, and sourwood honeys.

Robert Aldana says:

Great info, funny too!

ariel manoos says:

Great video. Gotta try the papaya.

Hugh Mungas says:

hmmm. how about curry and some other spices

Sai Krishna says:

Papaya is the best ive tested a lot of time but papaya must be dark green

Mario Regalado says:

Hey Guga! It’s pretty amazing to see you involved with these young kids and being a positive influence to them. I would like to see the Papaya VS Pineapple but maybe with a twist of some Picaña in the mix as well. Can’t wait. God Bless.

RodBendingTechnology says:

stop making new channels

Kripa Gomes says:

What about dry aging? how would that compare to marinating it in both flavor and texture, are those cuts worth it?

Edward Zafra says:

What will happen if you mix honey pineapple and papaya? Please test please please please

Dark theme says:

I can’t believe it! That’s so pretty.

Harsh Chate says:

What is control?

Martin Hebert says:

Plain Yogurt how can 50 million Indians be wrong

Roscoe p Coltrane says:

Try some hot peppers or mix hot peppers with the pineapple and papaya.

Onkel Biff says:

You should NEVER wash/rinse a steak in water, that is probably why the control had more flavor, I bet you didn’t wash that one?

Jason Bagby says:

Marinade in Jim Beam. 24 hours is best and flip after 12 hours.

TheWetung says:

have you tried using the papaya leaves? wrap the meat with papaya leaves

Nasus Kim says:

cute family video!

Nurul hamzah says:

Where I’m from, we use sap from papaya tree..

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