Boston Market: Salisbury Steak Review

This is a taste test/review of the Boston Market Salisbury Steak frozen meal. It is Salisbury steak in savory gravy with mac & cheese. 1 package (411g) = 510 calories

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pittsteelers001 says:

$2.08 is real cheap for Boston Market. BM is pretty good quality compared to other tv dinners. This one is one of my favorite BMs but unlike you I really like the mac & cheese.

Luke Carrigan says:

Was just saying on Tami’s channel about Mac N Cheese

Joe says:

Can’t go wrong with Boston Market TV Dinners. Salisbury Steak (boston market) is one of my favorites.

Chelle Leigh says:

Stir and re-cover.
Eat and recover.

Scottish Lass says:

I wonder what our thoughts on the cheese would be, in the UK/Scotland. Over all, I would say (giving the price & the “steak”) it was a good meal.

Shamarr81 says:

I used to love dinner like this when I was in my food addiction days now that I’m fighting obesity I’m learned them dinner are so unhealthy it’s better to just cook. Thanks for sharing

Kevin Howard says:

I couldn’t find them anywhere. I thought they stopped selling them. then I found them on Peapod. (which I just found out about them too). I love these meals. so filling. God I got them on Peapod for like $3.79. Why are all Microwave meals set for 1100wt Microwave. those things are expensive. I only got a 1000 and I can look online for a table to adjust the time. The gravy is one of the best parts about them meal.

Heather Suess says:

I love the Mac n cheese

scottmthw says:

I’ve had my ups and downs but for the most part I’ve been relatively poor/broke my entire life. With that being said I despise labeling that meat as “Salisbury Steak”. It’s shitty meat that tastes good especially if you can’t afford an actual steak. I wish they would call it something else like bum steak or welfare steak. Maybe even EBT meat. Nice review as always

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Not a fan of Boston Market. I prefer the Banquet Mega Meal Salisbury Steak. You get 3 Large Salisbury Steaks & a good amount of Mashed Potatoes, and i can get them at my local Kroger for only $1.99/each. This is a very good price for Boston Market though. I will admit that. 🙂

DeathEchoVII says:

I find it sad how I can make me a chopped steak in a brown mushroom/onion gravy, have mashed potato with butter and buttered broccoli. It will look better and taste better and probably be that amount or slight more calories but not much.

Stephneechan says:

I think that’s Fusilli bucati and not macaroni…

craig tiffany says:

Mac and cheese is just boring.

Ellectra Schwegler says:

I got this a few months ago only because because I love boston market’s mac and cheese(fresh) and I had the same reaction, the steak was good the mac and cheese was very disappointing.

Ken Rivers says:

He told the truth lol. The mac has no flavor i norm mix the mac with the steak n gravy lol. Add garlic salt and pepper…

bonsai treehouse says:

Straight up, these are the best reviews out there without all the nonsense.

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