Campfire Steak: Bushcraft Vlog, Campfire Cooking, Survival Gear Review

In today’s episode we take a hike, build a fire, cook some bacon, steak, and coffee. Then it gets really shitty when Molly the dog…well you will have to watch to see.

Bushcraft is a way of life for myself and my friends. We train individuals in survival and wilderness living along with outdoor skills.


david russell says:

Nice pan where’d you get it great video

Richard King says:

Damn video made me hungry for Bacon! Aaaaaaarrrrgggggghhhh!

Ryan West says:


Primitive Fusion says:

Loving the dog rolling in poop!

Darrell Clevenger says:

Where did that coffee setup come from?

James Fleming says:

A good day, a good buddy, a gumba dog (or is that a gumba buddy & a good dog?), bacon to start, steak entree, bacon dessert; man, what’s not to love! Great time.

Benjamin Smith says:

Your videos get better every day man. Keep it up.

Douglas MacCullagh says:

Oh, where can I find that coffee boiler? That is a nice, old design, and I really have wanted one since I was a kid!


my dog eat the chicken i was cooking on a branch 🙁 where did you get that frying pan

munchkin5674 says:

WOW!! Where do you get bacon like that?!

david leasure says:

You guys are having too much fun

lapicker says:

Ok, every time you use that pan in a vid you should tell what it is and where you got it, cause you know somebody’s gonna ask. What kinda pan is that and where can I get one.

Richard King says:

Well done is best. Beef blood will kill you!

Thomas Yoest says:

Reminds of me and my old buds. Can’t get out of the house now. Thanks for the fun.

Zoran Velimirovic says:

Great video!!!!

Rob Nance says:

Good video and the steak & bacon looks good! The atmosphere and the forest is beautiful there!

Csutak Dalnoki says:

I like your style and atitude in the woods: simple, honest, fun. This is the bushcraft….. nice

Maine Woods says:

Great Video, like the pack. Question what brand of pan that was?

William Anderton says:

I survived 8 years drinking spring one off of Mount Shasta in the mountains of Oregon so I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay

john walker says:

Great vid my brother of beard, meat, and wilderness!

James Fleming says:

Are you dead yet? Good! Would you bequeath me the “tea” pot?

Allen Albertson says:

All you need now is a double bladed axe to finish the Paul Bunyan look.

Edward Haugstatter says:

Dang you are really cranky when you are hungry.  Stop with the negative vibes man.

tinge1954 says:

It is kuksa, not kuska

Sshooter444 says:

That dog was gonna get your bacon one way or another!

Hollow-Tip says:

What kind of spice set up was Mike using? Was looking for something portable like that to keep in my bag .

Michael Rogers says:

Wow that wind

Douglas MacCullagh says:

For some reason Mike building the fire reminded me of the Jack London story, “To Build A Fire.” Mike was more successful

Bryan Mansfield says:

Bro I really want a hat

Shashkin's Russian Bushcraft Channel says:

I’ve just found an old enameled (am I using the proper word?) kettle in my closet. The stuff itself doesn’t make any value from the historical or rarity point of view. But I was standing with it in my hands and thinking – would I use this on fire? So, I was putting it to the trash can, getting it back, putting it to trash again and something about 4 times like this. Finally, I’ve remembered that “you’re gonna die from using this over the fire”, has left it there in a trash can and went to sleep.

If you are interested, I’ve slept well with no nightmares which approves this was a right choice!

Eugene McGloin says:

1. You drank coffee cooked in an enamel pot. You’re going to die from that.
2. You ate a ton of yummy bacon, loaded with nitrate so, you’re going to die, even more.
3. You ate a slab of red, non-vegan meat so, you’re really going to die, hard.
4. You mocked our vegan brethren & sisteren, they will hunt you down and force feed you tempeh. That stuff is so bad, you’re seriously dying, now.
5. Cool dog.

Great video!

Larry Kramer says:

You may not be a dog person, and all that goes with that.

Craig Mooring says:

Mmm! That steak was just the way I like it – minus the pepper. Did you get the spice kit (or the idea for it) from Townsends? If not from them what is the source for the vials that fit an Altoids-sized can? I hope you didn’t have to sit in a pickup cab with that merde-smeared chien. X-(

The Lone Oak Woodsman says:

I’ve drank out of mine hundreds of times from over the fire and have only died 3 times. That bacon and steak add my mouth watering

Dustin Slenker says:

ARRRRRR VEGAN!! Hilarious!!

StillAReal1 says:

Poor Molly, all she wanted was a slender end of steak.

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Great video!

Richard King says:

Oh yeah!

Michael Rogers says:

Looks a wee bit windy. Also, there are many videos not showing up on my notifications FYI

Michelle Mercado says:

I love your tea pot

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